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Our knitting patterns

All our kits contain a knitting pattern in the form of a small illustrated booklet. It provides all the step-by-step explanations to succeed in the pattern you have chosen to knit.

Our knitting and crochet patterns have been carefully prepared by our designers and contain all the technical information you will need to knit the pattern:

  •     the material needed,
  •     the stitches used,
  •     explanations for each piece
  •     dimensioned diagrams

It is the essential tool for successful knitting. Take the time to read the first few pages carefully. If necessary, refer to the table of abbreviations to memorise them.

Explanations of knitting

Before starting, read the explanations once. Select the size you are going to knit and highlight the corresponding operations. This preparation will make it easier for you to read during the knitting process.
All diagrams are given in centimetres. Take your measurements to check that the size you have chosen is the right one. You can help yourself by consulting our knitting size guide.
If you are unfamiliar with certain notions, you can consult the numerous articles on the blog, which detail the basic knitting techniques or refer to our tutorials

Your personal notes

While you are knitting, use the "Your personal notes" page to write down your decreases or increases, or note where you are when you stop knitting. Later on, you will find it easier to find the step you need to take.

Make a knitting sample

Before you start knitting, take the time to make a knitting sample of a few stitches to check that you are getting the same measurements as shown in the pattern, in stitch count and row count. To help you make your swatch, see the blog post: How to knitting a sample.
If you are knitting looser, try using a lower half number of needles, or if you are knitting tightly, try using a higher half number of needles. Do not skip this important step!

Knitting stitches

The stitches page of the pattern explains the steps to be taken row by row. Before you start knitting, practice the stitches on a few stitches if you are not familiar with them. Familiarise yourself with the statements until you have memorised the gestures to be reproduced. The mistakes you make will always be time saved for the next step.

Knitting tips

Read the stitch advice carefully, it will help you to find your way through the succession of stitches.
Maintenance of your knitting

At the end of the booklet, there is a section devoted to the maintenance of your knitting. All the tips you need to keep your knitting in perfect condition for a long time are given. If you would like more information, you can consult our care guide.

Keep your booklets

When you have finished your pattern, keep the booklet in a safe place. You can use it again if you want to knit the pattern again. You just need to recommend the yarn. And why not in a different colour!
On the first pages of the pattern you will easily find the amount of yarn you need and the quality to order according to the size you want. You will find accessories, such as buttons, for sale in the "Haberdashery" section of the site.

Knitting patterns for beginners

If you are new to knitting, choose a beginner's kit. You will receive an easy to make pattern with explanations at your fingertips.

Free knitting patterns

On the site you will find free knitting patterns for clothing in all sizes S, M, L and XL, fashion accessories and home decoration. Select the pattern of your choice and place it in your shopping cart, then confirm your order. You will receive the download link by email. You need to open an account to validate an order, even at 0 €.
The free knitting pattern is presented as an interactive PDF that you can consult as many times as you like. On the last page, the yarns proposed to knit the pattern are presented. Just click on them to go directly to the corresponding page of the site.

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