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Women's pure wool cardigan

The Islaya Cardigan is knitted in fancy stitch in Royal Puno, a soft and warm alpaca and silk wool. The kit contains balls of wool, dyed buttons in the same colour as the yarn, optional knitting needles, a small heart to sew on to sign your work and the knitting pattern for sizes S to XL.

Choose 100% natural quality for your knitting projects!

The measurements of our model correspond to a size M. The height of the cardigan is 55 cm for this size. The model presented is knitted in Royal Puno blue.

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Women's knitted cardigan

The Islaya cardigan is shaped like a small jacket with a wide collar. It has a straight cut with set-in sleeves. It is fastened at the front with buttons dyed in the colour of the yarn. The waistcoat is knitted with Royal Puno, a high quality wool made of baby alpaca (60%) and silk (40%) that is soft, warm and silky. The fancy stitch highlights the structure of the knitwear with a slight relief.
Wear the Islaya Vest as an extra piece of clothing to keep you warm while taking great care of your outfit. The waistcoat can be buttoned over a T-shirt or opened over a shirt.

How to knit the cardigan?

The Islaya cardigan is knitted with n°4 needles and 3.5 needles for the edges. The fancy stitch needs to be tightened a little to get a nice result. If you are knitting a little loosely, it is best to use half a needle number lower. To do this, you need to know the basic knitting techniques:

  • Knit knit and purl stitches
  • Decrease and increase
  • Pick up stitches
  • Bind off and assembly

If you know these techniques, you can tackle the pattern. If you are a beginner knitter with some experience, you should practice the stitch, which is very simple, and get help with the neckline.


Royal Puno yarn is available in different colours. Choose the colour you like and then select the size you want to knit. Consult the size guide if necessary to determine the size.

The knitting kit

Everything you need is included in the kit: balls of wool, dyed buttons in the selected colour, optional knitting needles, a small 24-carat gold sewing heart and the knitting pattern with step-by-step instructions for sizes S, M, L and XL.
To make the pattern, you will also need a pair of scissors, a tape measure, a stitch holder (optional) and a wool needle for assembly. Visit our haberdashery page to buy your tools.


Take good care of your cardigan to preserve it for a long time. Space out the washings and use little detergent. In case of bad smell, do not wash your waistcoat, but air it for a few hours.
Wash by hand or in the washing machine if it has a wool balance programme. The temperature of the wash and rinse water should be constant and <30°C. Rinse without adding fabric softener and spin without wringing or, in machine, at <600 rpm. Dry flat in a well-ventilated area. You can iron under the steam of the iron in the 2 point position and using a damp cloth.
Store flat in an unconfined area, changing places regularly to avoid creasing.

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Women's pure wool cardigan The Islaya Cardigan is knitted in fancy stitch in Royal Puno, a soft and warm alpaca and silk wool. The kit contains balls of wool, dyed buttons in the same colour as the yarn, optional...




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