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What are the easiest patterns to knit?

Knitting is a real creative pleasure, relaxing and antistress, it is still necessary to choose the right garment, easy to knit and that does not pose technical difficulties.

Special beginner models

For beginners in knitting, it is better to choose a model that uses the basic techniques of knitting, such as mesh, knit garter stitch or jersey ... With these few skills, it is already possible to knit a garment. in full. The easiest model is certainly the scarf. Indeed, knitting a scarf requires very few techniques and allows you to practice forming the mesh. The boss is very simple, without decrease or increase. In no time, you will have the satisfaction of having made your first knit garment.

How to progress in knitting?

After the knit scarf, you can embark on a slightly more complicated model like a hat. It is a quick garment to make on which you can make your hand by approaching new techniques. First you have to know how to decrease stitches and to knit a border with a point that tightens like ribs. Do you know where you want to learn these two knitting techniques? A hat is ideal for progress. Plus, it's a garment you need every day when it's cold! What a pleasure to wear a hat that has been knitted.

Knitting baby clothes

Baby knits are usually very simple to make and have the distinction of being quick to perform. If you make a mistake, you will soon undo and start again. The stakes are worth it because they are small clothes quickly knitted. Among the models available to beginners, opt for a knit bra or sweater. There are very easy patterns that allow you to tackle different techniques, essential to know before you start in knits for adults.

Knit his own clothes

The scarf, the knit hat, baby clothes ... that's good, you've gone through all the steps to get into gear. Why not knit a sweater or vest? The models with straight sleeves are the simplest. In case of hesitation, visualize a tutorial, it will bring you a precious help. Knit Me offers several stylish and timeless designs. For example the sweater Nagano is a special beginner model in scratched alpaca. Just follow the step-by-step tutorials to find out how to do it. If you are more advanced in knitting and want to get into a fancy point, opt for the Voss, a very classy mohair and silk vest.

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