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How to learn to knit with a knitting kit for beginners?

Knitting is coming back in force, with the desire to make our own clothes. You are looking for originality and uniqueness, you are tired of fast fashion... the reasons are many and varied! Knitting is now everywhere, in our wardrobe of course but also in our homes and even to dress our babies!
However, desire is not everything, to make clothes, you have to learn how to do the different stitches and techniques. What better way to learn to knit than with a beginner's knitting kit?

Knitting kit for beginners: what is it?

A knitting kit is made up of wool yarns to knit, small knitting supplies and a knitting pattern. The pattern is an accompanying booklet in which all the knitting steps are explained step by step, so it is easy to make clothes or accessories for the home by following the explanations.
For most beginner knitting kits, however, it is necessary to know how to do one or more types of stitches in order to complete the whole knitting process.

One of our simplest products is without doubt the Miniato belt. It requires only the mastery of the jersey stitch and will dress up your trousers in an elegant and colourful way. It's the perfect gift for beginners who want to get off to a good start! Here, the haberdashery accessory is a pretty buckle, an essential element to close the belt. There are other models of knitting belts for men and women on the site.

Knitting kit for beginners: what can you make when you are a beginner?

Although we have mentioned our belt beginner knitting kit, it is of course possible to make other creations such as jumpers, headbands, bath mats, net bags or even baby accessories.
If you want to knit for your little one, we can recommend for example our baby bib knitting kit with its jacquard pattern made in the colour of your choice! This is also a great handmade personalised gift to celebrate a birth in your life.

If you want to start with a "useful" creation, you can choose to make our Nîmes net: it will replace your plastic shopping bags! This design combines ecological awareness with style. You will find other bags and nets to make on our site, such as the Amara net in a crochet kit fully explained in a video tutorial.

Knitting kit for beginners: our flagship product, the Nagano jumper!

Among all the knitting kits for beginners on our site, our favourite is undoubtedly the Nagano jumper! It is an alpaca and silk jumper designed for people who are beginners in knitting. To make it, you just need to want to learn to knit because all the explanations are provided in our video tutorials on our knitting blog.
Thanks to our knitting kit for beginners, you will be able to make a timeless jumper, easy to wear, knitted with a qualitative wool 100% nautrelle. You will also have the satisfaction of being able to say with pride: "I made it".

If you have any questions about our knitting kits for beginners or our other products, please contact us.




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