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Women’s sweater knitting pattern

Are you looking for a new women’s jumper knitting pattern to knit? You will find a wide array of timeless designs that are both chic and stylish. Indeed, choosing the right sweater pattern to knit is essential to achieve a project. Whether you want to knit a sweater for yourself or as a gift, you want to make sure that the design you choose matches your expectations and, more importantly, that you will be able to knit it with ease. That is why your [online haberdashery] Tricotez-moi offers a wide array of women’s sweater knitting pattern in paper format. Knitting your own sweater has a lot of pros: you can customise your project however you want, use superior quality yarn, and create a more affordable and durable piece compared to store-bought ones.

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Knitting pattern The Lake jumper is proposed here in a paper edition knitting pattern with all the step by step explanations for sizes S to XL. This pattern is knitted in openwork stitch with Snow, a pure wool made of...
The pattern for the Vogel jumper, a feminine pattern to knit all in mohair wool and silk and embroidered with shiny thread. The pattern contains all the explanations for sizes S to XL.
Pattern for the Ceiba jumper, a timeless model to knit in Royal Puno (alpaca wool and silk). All explanations are provided in the pattern for sizes S to XL.
Pattern for the Kuopio jumper, an elegant and feminine model with a fancy stitch neckline. To be knitted in Royal Puno, a soft alpaca and silk yarn. The pattern is suitable for all sizes from S to XL.
Pattern for the Ada jumper, a sleeveless jumper to knit with alpaca wool and silk. All explanations are provided in the pattern for sizes S to XL.
Knitting pattern for the Annona jumper, a knitting pattern in mohair wool and silk with a large pattern in fancy stitch on the front of the jumper. The pattern is suitable for sizes S to XL.
Knitting pattern for the Cortina jumper, a sleeveless jumper to knit with 100% natural and undyed alpaca wool. The pattern contains all explanations for sizes S to XL.
The Armeria jumper knitting pattern is designed for sizes S, M, L and XL. To knit the Arméria jumper, you need 9 balls of Top Hair for sizes S and M and 11 balls for sizes L and XL, as well as n°5 needles.
Knitting pattern for the Balisme jumper, a striped sailor pattern with a fancy stitch design, to be knitted in Diam, a 100% natural superfine merino wool. The pattern is made for sizes S to XL

Why choose a women’s sweater knitting pattern?

Every single step required to knit a sweater yourself is detailed in our women’s sweater knitting patterns. They come with a description of the design to identify the different part of the sweater, a list of the supplies needed with details on the yarn and the quantity needed, the tools you need to knit the sweater and the size. This section establishes the prerequisites to knit the design. The type of stitches used along with the corresponding sample can be found in the technical section of the pattern. Then come the successive steps of the pattern: the back, the front, the sleeves, and the assembly. The women’s sweater knitting pattern will guide you through each step of the creation of your piece. There is nothing to calculate as everything is planned in advance. The women’s sweater knitting pattern is the perfect solution for those who wish to start a knitting project without having to calculate the number of stitches, the decreases and increases based on the yarn weight.
Tricotez-moi offers free knitting patterns as well as the possibility to receive the pattern of a design for free during promotion campaigns.

What women’s sweater knitting pattern to choose based on your needs?

Summer sweaters, winter sweaters, sleeveless sweaters, baggy sweaters, turtleneck, mock neck, or V neck sweaters… There are a multitude of shapes coupled with a large choice of yarn and stitches, in very different styles. To choose the right pattern, start by choosing the design you wish to knit. The descriptions as well as the pictures are here to guide you. Decide on when you wish to wear or gift the sweater and find out about the difficulty level. For instance, if you are a beginner, chose a beginner level or easy design.

Women’s Sweater Knitting Patterns: why choose Tricotez-moi for your next creation?

To create its patterns, Tricotez-moi calls upon fashion designers tasked with creating the design, selecting the proper yarn, researching knitting stitches, and making the first drafts and samples. The development process of a pattern requires a unique expertise to determine each size based on the template size. The template size is a sample that will be fully knitted before receiving adjustments. Tricotez-moi devotes great attention to the drafting of its women’s sweater knitting pattern. Every step is detailed in the clearest most precise way possible as to leave no questions unanswered. Each section of the sweater is represented with a figure and notes that can be looked up while knitting. Lastly, the pattern always comes with a care guide. Tricotez-moi’s women’s sweater knitting patterns are printed on paper with a cardboard cover making them easy to shelve. They truly are a unique collection of knitting patterns.
Find the perfect sweater knitting pattern and the necessary tools to create a sweater in our online haberdashery. Whether you’re looking for something to wear for work or outside with friends, there is no shortage of choice with our many designs. Don’t forget that you can get your thread and yarn supplies on our website.




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