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Knitting trend: the clothes that are coming back in fashion

We can say it: the knitting trend is making a comeback! The time when only our grandmothers knitted is now over. In a time of DIY (Do It Yourself), it's time to get back to the task at hand. Start by going to your grandmother's closet and asking her to lend you some knitting needles. The most beautiful knitwear trends are coming back and you'll love them.
What are the knitting trends to discover urgently for this fall? Tricotez-moi, the knitting specialist, gives you all the tips to follow all the fashion trends. 

Knitting trends: the 3 must-haves for fall 

For fall and mid-season, three knitwear essentials are making a comeback in your dressing room. As comfortable as they are practical, mittens are a real fashion accessory and will be an absolutely trendy knitting essential for the upcoming mid-season.
Knitting your mittens is back in style as they are very practical for writing on a cell phone, paying at the checkout of a store, and most importantly, being free of all your movements. Moreover, by knitting your own mittens, you have a unique accessory that you can match with your coat and choose a natural wool of your choice.

Tricotez-moi  proposes several models of mittens easy to knit thanks to the free tutorials to find on the blog.

kit tricot mitaines

Easy to knit mittens

To complete your winter outfit with a touch of fantasy while protecting you from the cold.

Knit-your-own beanie is the second trendy knitting accessory to match your outfit. In hipster or retro mode, it can be worn in all circumstances. You'll love the thick knitted hat with an XXL pompom or the more dressy one to wear loose. You can also knit yourself a headband to protect your ears.

The third knitting trend that must be part of your wardrobe is the knitting cardigan, which is making a comeback this year. Long or short, with or without buttons, it is to match your wardrobe. It's the must-have of the fall season to always have by your side! You can choose to wear your knitted cardigan with a knitted bag to match your outfit of the day and especially your desires.

Knitting trend: where to start knitting your clothes 

Do you want to get started right away so that you have the year's knitting trends in your wardrobe? Get knitting needles to make all the knitting patterns. Depending on the type of garment you want to knit, they should be rather long if they have to contain a large number of stitches or rather short if they have to contain few.

Next, you need to choose the natural wool for your knitting. Knitting yarns from Tricotez-moi are high quality and 100% natural. Our goal is to offer you the best quality products so that your knitting creations are comfortable and resistant.

Finally, the knitting pattern will be your guide and will give you all the steps to follow to realize and obtain trendy knitted clothes.
All you have to do is to get started: So don't wait any longer and get your needles ready!




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