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What are the easiest patterns to knit?

Knitting is a real creative pleasure, relaxing and anti-stress, but it is important to choose the right garment that is easy to knit and does not pose any technical difficulties.

The special beginners' patterns

If you are new to knitting, it is best to choose a pattern that uses the basic knitting techniques, such as knitting stitches, knitting in moss stitch or stockinette... With these few skills, it is already possible to knit a complete garment. The easiest model is certainly the scarf. Indeed, knitting a scarf requires very few techniques and allows you to train yourself to form the stitches well. The pattern is very simple, with no decreases or increases. In a short time you will have the satisfaction of having made your first knitted garment.

How to progress in knitting?

After the knitted scarf, you can try a more complicated pattern such as a hat. This is a quick garment to make and you can learn new techniques. First of all you need to know how to decrease stitches and how to knit a border with a tight stitch, such as ribbing. Do you know or want to learn these two knitting techniques? A beanie is the ideal way to progress. And it's something you need every day when it's cold! What a pleasure it is to wear a hat that you have knitted.

Knitting for babies

Baby knits are generally very simple to make and are quick to execute. If you make a mistake, you will soon undo and start again. It's worth the effort, as these are small garments that can be knitted quickly. A knitted bra or jumper is one of the patterns available to beginners. There are some very easy patterns that allow you to learn different techniques, which are essential to know before you start knitting for adults.

Knit your own clothes with our knitting patterns and knitting wool

The scarf, the knitted hat, baby clothes... you've done all the steps to take it to the next level. Why not knit a jumper or a cardigan? Patterns with straight sleeves are the easiest. If you're not sure, take a look at a tutorial, it will be a great help. Knit me offers several elegant and timeless designs. For example, the Nagano jumper is a special beginner's pattern in brushed alpaca. Just follow the step-by-step tutorials to find out how to make it and which knitting wool to use. If you are more advanced in knitting and want to try a fancy stitch, choose the Voss, a very classy cardigan in mohair and silk.




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