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All the advice you need to choose your snood

snood en alpaga blanc
Perfectly suited to beginners as well as advanced knitters, our knitting scarf models will delight you thanks to a careful selection of high quality yarns.

A must-have item in a woman's wardrobe to keep you warm all winter long, the snood is an alternative to a scarf. Easy to put on and quickly removed, it doesn't need to be wrapped around the neck several times to stay in place. Tricotez-moi, the knitwear specialist, gives you all the advice you need to choose the best women's snood model.

Knitting a woman's snood

Easy to knit and quickly done, the snood is a knitting project that any beginner can tackle. The simplest snoods are knitted in moss stitch or stockinette, two basic knitting stitches that can be used to get started. To knit a snood, make a long strip the width of your neck and join the ends. You can also knit a snood in the other direction, by taking up the number of stitches equivalent to the neck size. In this case, the height of the knitting corresponds to the height of the snood. Always allow for the passage of the head by increasing the width of your snood by a few centimetres.
Even if you don't have much time to knit, try a snood pattern because it's a quick project to make. You will be proud to wear your first creation.

Which wool to choose for a snood?

The best snood should meet several requirements: it should be warm, soft enough to touch the skin, breathable to avoid sweat condensation, not form pilling, not stretch out with use and hold naturally in place. All of these conditions require that certain qualities of wool be chosen, but not only that. The way the snood is knitted can also be a factor.
Natural wool is warm but also has many other qualities. Above all, it is breathable and prevents you from feeling cold when you sweat. This is an important quality because the snood is in contact with a part of the body that needs a good exchange of warm and cold air to be effective. Synthetic wool does not have this advantage because it does not allow this circulation.

Are all natural wools recommended?

There are a large number of natural knitting wools. The most common are mohair, alpaca and merino wool. They all have good warmth ratings, with alpaca being the warmest. However, this is not the only quality to keep in mind when choosing a women's snood: the thickness of the yarn, the quality of the twist, the size and length of the hair used in its manufacture are all aspects to be studied before starting to knit a women's snood.
The best natural wool is one that does not sting when in contact with the skin, does not pilling and does not relax with use. For this reason, select wools made from the finest and longest hairs and above all perfectly twisted during the spinning process. Diam merino wool meets all these requirements perfectly. If you like hairy wools, choose mohair and silk wool, such as Top Hair, or alpaca wool, such as Céleste or Snow.

snood mohair et or

Easy to knit snood

The snood is the essential knitting accessory for keeping warm !

Which snood model should I choose?

There are many models of women's snoods, whose characteristics vary according to the general shape, the thickness of the knit, the colour... If you are cold, prefer a shape that is close to the neck, as this will ensure good protection against the cold. Wide snoods are a fashion accessory to complete your look. The thickness of the snood is an important aspect. If you knit a thick wool, you will get a thick or even very thick snood, which can cause discomfort. Thickness of knitting does not automatically provide good protection, especially if your movements are restricted. It is better to knit a thinner wool, especially if it is hairy, such as mohair and alpaca. The many hairs provide good protection because they trap air and create a protective cushion.




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