Cap and mittens knitting kit

Fashion accessories like caps and mittens are quick and easy to knit with our knitting kits. By buying our knitting kits, knitting a cap will be a breeze for you. They will allow you to learn to knit or to make an original knitting gift. In addition, these fashionable accessories complete the outfit with a little touch of originality. Knitting caps and mittens will become a new passion for you. Tricotez-moi, your knitting partner, offers a wide range of caps and mittens to knit with high quality yarns, extremely soft and very pleasant to wear.

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Knitting beanie Soft and warm, this mohair and silk knitted hat features a beautiful twisted pattern. Kit contains :2 balls of Top Hair Optional n°4.5 knitting needles The knitting pattern with explanations for...
Cap knitting kit The Aries cap is a revisited basic of the high shape model with a wide lapel. Knitted in Luxor, a 100% natural wool made from alpaca, merino and cotton. Warm, practical and fashionable, this accessory...
Headband to knit The Aronia Headband combines elegance and protection against the cold. Knitted all in Cara (100% recycled cashmere), this model perfectly covers the ears and delivers a soft warmth reinforced by the...
Cap to knit This unisex model, with a slightly loose shape, covers the head perfectly. It has a double lapel to protect the ears from the cold. It is knitted with pure merino wool, both warm and soft. The Diam...
Beanie knitting kit This mohair and silk beanie is easy to knit. The kit contains :2 balls of Top Hair Optional n° 4,5 knitting needles The pattern with explanations for straight and circular needlesThe beanie...
Cap knitting kit The Biela Cap has a slightly loose shape and a fancy stitch on the purl side. It covers the head perfectly. It is knitted in Royal Puno, a 100% natural wool composed of baby alpaca (60%) and silk...
Mittens to knit The Asnelles Mittens perfectly cover the hand up to the first phalanges, the whole wrist and go up the forearm with an opening for the thumb. The unsurpassed softness of the cashmere wool brings all...
Knit a cap With its elongated shape, the Eben cap is very practical to protect the head and ears from the cold, but also to complete the outfit. It’s warm and ultra-soft wool provides great comfort. It is an easy...
Thanks to its soft stitch, the Elode Headband adapts perfectly to the morphology of the head. It is knitted in Luxor, a yarn composed of alpaca wool, merino and cotton, which gives it a perfect wear ability and a...
Man Mittens to knit Copsis Mittens are an easy knitting pattern to take your first steps in knitting. The size is adapted to a man's hand. They are knitted with a 100% natural yarn, soft and warm. The kit contains a...

Why knitted mittens?

You want to achieve your dark winter outfit with a touch of fantasy while protecting yourself from the cold? The solution: Knit mittens! Knitting mittens are made of mohair, alpaca wool or cashmere: to ensure softness, warmth and comfort for your hands. Tricotez-moi provides you with complete knitting kits to make your own mittens. This realization is within the reach of all, including beginners. To help you knit mittens, our knitting kit includes an illustrated and explained booklet, detailing step-by-step how to make mittens. With very little knitting technique (knowing how to knit right stitches and purl stitches and how to cast them off), you can easily approach a knitted mittens project.

Is it easy to knit a woman cap?

Knitting a woman cap is extremely easy with Tricotez-moi knit kits. We provide you everything you need to make your own handmade cap, as well as an explained booklet. Even if you don't know much about knitting, you'll discover how easy it is to knit a cap for this winter ! If you are afraid to start knitting a cap, why not start to knit a headband? We offer many knitting caps models, but also headbands, as trendy as elegant.

How to knit a cap?

The first function of the cap is to protect your head from the cold. It is also a fashion accessory that allows you to complete an outfit or to add an original or quirky touch to your clothing. With our knitting cap kits, you have the choice between different shapes, colors and patterns of fancy stitches. You can choose between the knitted cap model with or without pom-poms, the oversized cap, oversize hat, bobble hat or many other models. Knitting a cap will be a breeze for you since you have all the explanations available to help you knit your cap in the best conditions.

Why trust Tricotez-moi to buy your knitting cap kit?

Tricotez-moi is a team of knitting enthusiasts who love beautiful materials and stitch. We offer quality products and kits for beginners as well as for knitting experts. Our designers have selected a wide range of knitting kits to help you in the realization of your caps and mittens, with many details to make them unique objects. As part of a process of sustainable quality, our knitting wools are selected with the greatest care to allow you to have an impeccable final knit that you would like to preserve for a long time.




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