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Knitting kits : kits to learn how to knit


You wish to buy a knitting kit to knit sweaters, cardigans, beanies, bags, and other fashion accessories in the size and color of your choice? Look no further: we provide a variety of designs to satisfy your knitting needs.
Tricotez-moi offers a wide selection of [knitting designs] created by fashion-conscious stylists. How to knit kits are the ideal choice as they are perfectly suited for beginners and intermediate level knitters. Knitting was never made this easy! A single knitting kit contains everything you need to finish a project on your own. Also, discover our free patterns and practice your stitches at home with the elegant Cabourg knitted top.

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  • Cardigan knitting Kits

    Tricotez-moi, your knitting specialist, offers you a wide range of women's cardigan to knit. Our cardigan knitting kits are timeless models for elegant and refined fashion. Easy to wear, they complete the outfit while adding a touch of originality. With our cardigan knitting kits you are assured of a high quality garment, made with 100% natural and durable knitting yarn. Our knitting kits contain everything you need to make the model of your choice, such as balls of wool and more generally buttons, an accessory that will give a delicate finish to your project.

  • Sweater and cardigan knitting Kits

    Fashion-conscious, high quality knitting kit specialist Tricotez-moi, offers a wide array of women’s sweater knitting kits to help you create your own high end knitted sweaters. All our jumpers, jackets, and cardigans were created by designers with an eye for detail. Our kits are knitted with 100% organic fine yarn that will bring sturdiness to your garment. Enjoy an assortment of prices, styles, and colors, and pick the design that suits you best. So why wait? Discover our assortment of knitted sweaters now as well as our range of patterns for all sorts of garments and fashion accessories for any difficulty level.

  • Scarves and snoods knitting sits

    Ready yourself for winter with the scarf and snood knitting kits by Tricotez-moi. The scarf is the essential accessory to keep warm all winter long. Perfectly suited for beginners as well as seasoned knitters, our scarf designs will delight you with our careful selection of high-quality yarn. Learning how to knit a scarf or a snood was never made this easy! Protect yourself from the cold using alpaca, mohair, or merino wool and even cashmere wool. Knitting expert Tricotez-moi offers a multitude of varied scarf knitting kits and scarf designs that cater for all tastes.

  • Knit a cap and mittens

    Cap and mittens knitting kit

    Fashion accessories like caps and mittens are quick and easy to knit with our knitting kits. By buying our knitting kits, knitting a cap will be a breeze for you. They will allow you to learn to knit or to make an original knitting gift. In addition, these fashionable accessories complete the outfit with a little touch of originality. Knitting caps and mittens will become a new passion for you. Tricotez-moi, your knitting partner, offers a wide range of caps and mittens to knit with high quality yarns, extremely soft and very pleasant to wear.

  • Knitting kit for top and tank

    Tricotez-moi, the knitting kit specialist, offers a wide range of tops, little tops and vest tops to knit for the summer with 100% natural yarns. The knitting kits contain everything you need to knit a woman's vest top: yarn, accessories, knitting needles or crochet hook and a booklet with step-by-step pattern. Launch yourself into an easy and quick model to make for the summer, an excellent way to learn to knit or progress in its knitting technique while being proud to make his own clothes. Discover a wide selection of knitted vest top models with Tricotez-moi to realize all your desires!

  • Knitting jumper in navy style

    The navy juper is a timeless knit, very pleasant to wear and lends itself to many variations of shapes and colors. Navy style is an original collection of jumper in knitting kit, to knit with soft and natural wools, entirely designed by Tricotez-moi. It dresses children and adults, with elegance and fantasy. Several models are proposed in beginner kit to learn to knit.

  • knitting kit for seaside

    You want to knit yourself a tank top for this summer? Tricotez-moi, your knitting and fabrics specialist, has put together a collection of knitting kits for the beach and boat. With these kits, you will be able to easily make the dress, jumper or top that suits you. All our kits contain a knitting pattern explaining the different steps to make your little summer outfits for example. Many patterns are accessible to beginners in knitting.

  • Dolce vita collection

    A dream dressing room to knit that smells like a vacation in Italy with our ready-to-knit kits. From casual outfits to more formal jackets and vests, the Dolce Vita collection is for knitting beginners as well as the more experienced.

  • Knitting boxes – Ready-to-knit kits

    The knitting box is an innovative concept that makes it easy for anyone to achieve knitted or crocheted pieces. The knitting box takes the form of a ready-to-knit kit that comes in a nice packaging. Knitting kits are without a doubt quick, easy, original, and trendy projects to make for everybody, whether you are a beginner learning how to knit or more advanced. Purchasing a knitting box ensures that you have everything you need to knit the design of your choice along with essential tools, goodies, and most of all a step-by-step knitting pattern.

  • Learn to knit with our beginner knit kits

    Discover our kits specially designed by our fashion designer for beginners in knitting. Easy to make, they allow to realize quickly without difficulties his first clothes and accessories in knit. The accompanying booklet includs the boss with all the explanations and many tips essential to succeed your knit. Learn to knit has never been so easy, with our booklets and tutorials that help you understand the operations to be performed and that allow you to acquire, at a glance, the basics of knitting.

  • Oréade

    A clothing line very trendy to knit: sweaters, vests and jackets do-it-yourself in noble and soft materials to be well hot during the cold season.

  • Collections capsule

  • Boreale clothing line

    When the cold is here: quickly a knitting sweater! The Boreale collection is a line of very elegant knitting garments inspired by the Scandinavian countries and made with particularly warm noble threads, such as alpaca, merino, mohair and silk, offering an unequaled softness.

  • Bag and fashion accessory

    It is sometimes enough of an accessory to bring a touch of originality to its outfit. Tricotez-moi offers models of coordinated bags that allow to associate the accessory to a garment. Created by our designers, these bags can store the necessary for the day or shopping market. They have been studied to have them well in hand or on the shoulder and to resist the load. All our kits contain the necessary to realize them: the thread, the accessories (lining, handle ...), the needles or crochet and the pattern with all the explanations.

  • Pour le bain

  • Knitting kits

    Tricotez-moi, the knitting specialist, offers a wide range of knitting kits to be made with needles. All models have been created by stylists, attentive to fashion trends, bringing great care to the beautiful details. Knitting a kit is the assurance of having everything you need, like the yarn in the desired color, the accessories, the needles and the accompanying booklet with all the explanations step by step.

  • Crochet kits

    Our stylists have taken special care of our crochet kits, choosing the best yarn to create the patterns and showcasing the particular stitch of the crochet. Crochet kits are available in clothing and accessories, including bags. Easy to make, our kits are for beginners and more advanced.

  • Knitting and Crochet kits

    Tricotez-moi, the specialist of knitting, proposes a wide range of kits using two techniques : needles and crochet. These knitting patterns, created by stylists, reflect the fashion trends and have very nice details. They are made with high-end yarns, 100% natural and ultra soft. Some kits are tailor-made, to be perfectly adapted to the measurements of the person.

  • Tailored knitting

    Tricotez-moi, the specialist of the easy knitting kit presents you its offer of personalized knitting kits. Our models, created by stylists, can be adapted to all sizes. The personalized knitting kit provides a pattern that takes into account your body measurements. It is thus the insurance to have a perfectly adjusted garment once knitted. Discover our offer of custom knitting kit.

  • Babies and children’s knitting kits

    At Tricotez-moi, we thought of every little detail for your baby knitting kit. All our products are made in France, and our high-quality yarn is 100% organic. The material is soft and comfortable, perfect for children and babies. Our knitting kits come with everything you need to knit bibs and beautiful baby blankets. You will receive all the instructions to achieve your pieces with ease. Discover our baby knitwear designs now!
    Your knitting partner Tricotez-moi guides you and helps you knit for your little one. Tutorials, yarns, knitting needles, patterns… you will find everything you need here to dress up your tots for winter.

Fast Knit box The Fast Knit knitting box comes with everything you need to make the Reverso Mittens, the perfect design to learn how to knit: 2 balls of Royal Puno (baby alpaga and silk), knitting needles (optional),...
Women's mohair sweater With its balloon sleeves tightened at the wrist, the Nassella Sweater is a fashionable trendy model. The kit contains balls of mohair wool, optional knitting needles, a small heart to sew and...
Women's cardigan knitting kit A comfortable pattern in the latest fashion trends, with its fancy embossed stitch. The kit comes with balls of yarn (mohair wool and silk), dyed buttons in the colour of the yarn,...
Snood to knit The Evolene Snood is a big, chunky collar that we appreciate when it's cold. It is knitted in Céleste, a 100% natural wool made of baby alpaca and silk, with a light and soft stitch. This pattern...
Scarf knitting kitThe Malvae scarf is entirely knitted in jacquard with two noble materials: recycled cashmere wool (Cara) and baby alpaca wool with silk (Royal Puno). The kit contains balls of wool, optional knitting...
Fast Knit box The Fast Knit knitting box comes with everything you need to make the Alisma Beanie, the perfect design to learn how to knit: 2 balls of Diam (merino superfine), knitting needles (optional), a yarn...
Women's pure wool cardigan The Islaya Cardigan is knitted in fancy stitch in Royal Puno, a soft and warm alpaca and silk wool. The kit contains balls of wool, dyed buttons in the same colour as the yarn, optional...
Jumper Knitting kit Knitted all in Top Hair (mohair wool and silk), the Arméria Jumper is a trendy, loose and comfortable model. The kit contains wool balls, optional knitting needles, a small heart to sew and the...

How to knit kit

The best way to learn how to knit is without a doubt by purchasing a knitting kit as it spares you having to gather all the elements required to take up such a project. The ready-to-knit kit is the quickest and most cost-efficient solution. Chose a beginner knitting kit, take your first steps, and as you learn more and more about basic knitting techniques, you will be able to take on more advanced designs like the intermediate level kits.

Knitting kit

Originally designed for home improvements, kits became the main packaging method for every yarn and thread-related activity. Knitting is made easy with a knitting kit. Simply follow the instructions on the pattern using the yarn and needles provided with the kit to make the project of your choosing. The many customisation options offered with our kits allow you to come up with unique high quality and fashionable pieces.




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