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Ready-to-knit Box - Knitting kit

With the return of knitting, the ready-to-knit box is a new attraction for knitting. It offers an all-in-one package to learn to knit or to take up crochet. The box is a knitting kit in a pretty box, with everything you need to make a quick and easy piece of work, usually in small sizes. Let yourself be tempted by a knitting box and embark on a project that you will be proud to have completed. Scarves, hats, mittens, but also jumpers or cardigans for toddlers, pouches and bags to learn to knit for young children... everything is possible with a knitting box.

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  • Knitting Box - Fast Knit knitting kit

    The Fast Knit box collection renews the image of knitting with a trendy packaging and an original concept. It offers simple, easy and quick projects with wools selected for their high quality: pure natural wool, soft, light, plump and warm. Each box is a complete knitting kit, which contains everything you need to complete the project: enough balls of wool in a wide range of colours, knitting or crochet needles, marking rings, a wool needle and the knitting pattern. Fast Knit boxes are suitable for all levels, from beginners who want to learn to knit to advanced knitters. All patterns are in English.

  • Knitting box - Kitting kit layette

    Who hasn't wanted to learn to knit or to start knitting again in anticipation of a birth? What better gift than one made by yourself! The layette knitting box meets all the needs of the newborn: useful, practical and soft clothes made of pure natural wool for the well-being of the little one. Bras, jumpers, cardigans, snoods, crushes... each box is a complete knitting kit with everything you need to complete a project: balls of natural wool, knitting needles, marking rings, wool needle and knitting pattern with step-by-step explanations.

  • Box Tricot enfant - Box pour apprendre à tricoter

  • Luxury Knitting Box - Multi-Project Box

    The Multi-Project Box allows you to knit 1, 2, 3, 4... essential accessories, in beautiful colours and materials that are cleverly coordinated. It is presented as a beautiful, luxurious box with careful finishing, which makes it an ideal gift. It contains everything you need to make the patterns of your choice: balls of 100% pure natural wool, knitting needles, wool needle, markers and knitting patterns with all the explanations. Knitting for the pleasure of high quality and warm wools allows you to offer yourself the best. Our Multi-Project Boxes have been designed to meet all fashion accessory needs.

Crush to knit The Layette Knitting Box contains everything you need to knit the Noah Crush in size 0/3 to 6 months: balls of pure merino wool, knitting needles (optional), a crochet, markers, wool needle and the...
Knitting fashion accessories set The Cornalian Box offers 3 models to knit with 100% natural high quality wools:1 scarf + 1 beanie or 1 beanie + mittens. The box contains 4 balls of Diam (merinos wool) and 1 ball of...
Baby bra to knit The Layette Knitting Box contains everything you need to knit the Mael bra in size 0/3 and 6 months: balls of pure merino wool, knitting needles (optional), markers, wool needle, mother-of-pearl...
Fast Knit box The Fast Knit knitting box comes with everything you need to make the Reverso Mittens, the perfect design to learn how to knit: 2 balls of Royal Puno (baby alpaga and silk), knitting needles (optional),...
Knitting fashion accessories set The Emerald Box offers 4 models to knit with 100% natural high quality wools: 1 scarf + 1 headband or mittens, 1 beanie + 1 headband + mittens. The box contains 5 balls of Royal Puno...
Knitting box fashion accessories The Saphir Box offers 4 models to knit with 100% natural wool: 1 beanie + mittens + 1 headband or 1 beanie + 1 scarf. The box contains 3 balls of Top Hair (mohair wool and silk) and 2...

Why choose a Tricotez-moi knitting box?

Tricotez-moi, the specialist in knitting boxes and knitting kits, brings all its know-how to offer fun and inventive boxes in the field of creative leisure. Whether you are a knitting beginner or more advanced, there are a large number of ready-to-knit boxes to satisfy your desires. The level is indicated on each knitting box in the form of small balls: 1 ball for beginners who want to learn to knit while making their first real project, 2 balls is an easy level for projects requiring little technique, 3 balls for a level that has acquired the basic knitting techniques and 4 balls for those who are really advanced. By proceeding gradually, Tricotez-moi ensures a perfect success in the proposed models. And to help beginners, the patterns are broken down into different actions giving rise to online tutorials. Simply flash the Qr code of the action to be carried out to view the tutorial.

What does the knitting box contain?

Each box has been carefully studied to meet all the needs of the project. First of all, the wool has been chosen for its quality, strength and softness. The wool in our boxes is 100% natural and in sufficient quantity to complete the project. The knitting needles have been selected for their great resistance. You can buy a box with or without needles, they are optional or with or without hook. However, the auxiliary or twisting needle is always provided in our boxes depending on the project. Other knitting accessories are included in our boxes, such as the indispensable wool needle and marking rings. These tools can be used for other projects and should be kept in a safe place. Finally, the knitting pattern details all the operations to be carried out step by step with numerous illustrations. Thanks to the ready-to-knit box, a project takes shape for your greatest pleasure.

The knitting box: a gift idea

If you are looking for an original, useful, sustainable, eco-responsible and low-cost gift, the knitting box combines all these advantages. It is for everyone, whatever your level of knitting. Above all, it allows you to learn a simple technique and to make a quick and easy project yourself, while providing great satisfaction. The box allows you to develop your skills in an unexpected field, knitting, a creative leisure activity that combines the useful with the pleasant. By purchasing our knitting boxes, you are making an eco-responsible purchase and offering the possibility of knitting an accessory with natural and sustainable wools.




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