Alpaca yarn: a staple of softness for your knitwear

Alpaca knitting yarn is warm and very soft is obtained from the shearing of the two breeds of alpaca, Huacaya and Suri. These animals live in the Andes, in Peru, but there are a few alpaca farms in France also. Their hairs are particularly fine (similar to cashmere) and insulating. Alpaca yarn is pleasant to knit, light, and voluminous. Our balls of yarn are available in different levels of fuzziness and thickness: 25 g or 50 g. We only use the finest alpaca fibres to ensure the upmost softness to your garments. Alpaca yarn is 100 % natural, more durable, and much warmer and softer to the touch than regular sheep wool.

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€8.95 (tax incl.)
Luxury Knitting yarn One hundred percent natural premium yarn, made of alpaca, merino, and cotton. Unmatched quality to knit sweaters and cardigans for winter and the mid-season. Fifty g balls of yarn for 5 mm...
€8.50 (tax incl.)
Alpaca knitting yarn The Celeste yarn is at the top of the alpaca range: a fuzzy knitting yarn that is warm, full, and extra soft. Perfect for warm jumpers, and fashion accessories during winter or the mid-season....
€9.90 (tax incl.)
Alpaca and silk knitting yarn The Royal Puno is amongst the softest yarns. This luxury yarn is made up of 60 % of superfine alpaca, and 40 % silk. Twenty-five g balls of yarn for 4 mm knitting needles.
€11.50 (tax incl.)
Pure undyed alpaca knitting yarn Ball of 100 % natural fine alpaca yarn in its original colour, with rich and warm shades. This premium quality yarn isn’t dyed. Fifty g balls of yarn for 4.5 mm knitting needles.
€19.90 (tax incl.)
Knitting wool This alpaca, merino, and silk yarn is naturally voluminous and particularly warm. Perfect to knit fashion accessories, such as beanies, snoods, and scarves, this yarn is amongst the best knitting yarns....
€10.35 (tax incl.)
Une douceur incroyable

Benefits of alpaca yarn

Alpaca yarn is one of the precious yarns much, like mohair and cashmere, that were once worn by the highest dignitaries. For a long time, alpaca was reserved for luxury hosiery before being used more largely in the ready-to-wear industry or as a knitting yarn. Alpaca yarn possesses exceptional qualities.It is both insulating and absorbent which makes it the ideal fibre to knit warm garments. It is also hypoallergenic, in other words, it triggers fewer reactions in contact with the skin making it a suitable product for allergy-prone people.

Alpaca yarn: how to spot good quality

Much like other yarns, alpaca is not exempt from the classifications that helps identify its various qualities. The longest and finest fibres (15 to 20 microns) belong to the top of the range and are sold under different names: superfine alpaca or baby alpaca. They are among the softest yarns as they do not itch nor pill. The natural colours of alpaca wool range between silver grey and off-white, and all shades of dark or light fawn. Some breeders select the alpacas in their herd based on the colour of their fleece. This technique allows selecting homogenous hairs to produce undyed alpaca knitting yarn. At Tricotez-moi, we offer an undyed 100 % alpaca wool in the form of the Heritage ball of yarn, available in 5 natural colours.




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