In its natural state, cotton is a silky fluff that covers the seeds of the cotton plant. It can be different colours based on the species. This natural plant fibre produces a large range of knitting yarns that are resistant, colourful, sometimes lustrous, and easy to care for. We offer different cotton yarns for knitting and crochet projects, such as GOTS-certified organic cotton, mercerised cotton with a silky sheen, cotton ribbons, and fancy cotton. All our cotton yarns possess excellent knitting proprieties thanks to the spinning and lend themselves well to knit summer garments, baby layette, fashion accessories, and linens. For more ideas, have a look at our other knitting yarns.
Knitting and sewing expert, Tricotez-moi, offers a collection of 100 % natural balls of cotton and wool knitting yarn.

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Organic cotton knitting yarn The Calliope is a naturally soft, light, and silky pure cotton yarn. It lends itself perfectly to knitting summer jumpers, layette, and accessories such as grocery net bags. This...
Knitting cotton ball The Supersoft is a pure mercerised cotton knitting yarn with a beautiful silky sheen. It lends itself perfectly to knitting summer clothes, layette, and accessories such as grocery net bags. Fifty...
Pure cotton knitting yarn The aptly named Sponge yarn is a unique 100 % pure cotton knitting yarn with high absorption capacity. It is suited for bath linens, summer clothes, and layette. Easy to care for and highly...
Cotton knitting yarn The Eden is a cotton knitting yarn with a beautiful iridescent sheen, perfect for jumpers, cardigans, and tank tops in summer. This light cotton is very pleasant to wear during the warm season and...
Pure cotton coarse thread This 100% natural cotton is a high quality product. Thick and silky, it is particularly soft to the touch and very pleasant to knit with large needles (n°9 or 10 recommended).  Its braided...
Luxury Knitting yarn One hundred percent natural premium yarn, made of alpaca, merino, and cotton. Unmatched quality to knit sweaters and cardigans for winter and the mid-season. Fifty g balls of yarn for 5 mm...

Cotton yarn

Cotton is one of the most used yarns in knitting thanks to its exceptional proprieties. It is extremely resistant. Indeed, cotton yarn resists friction and stretching without altering its appearance. Moreover, it withstands bleach (which whitens it) and the extreme temperatures of the iron.
Cotton is valued for its high absorption capacity. Unlike other knitting yarns, cotton can absorb up to 65 % of its own weight in water. As such, depending on the materials it was made with, cotton yarn is ideal for bath linens and layette. For instance, our Sponge knitting yarn is a highly absorbent cotton yarn thanks to its texture. However, because it is so absorbent and tends to retain moisture, cotton yarn dries slowly.

Cotton crochet yarn

Crochet enthusiasts appreciate cotton yarn for its smoothness and how easy it is to stitch. It can be made into very thin yarns that are used to make openwork stitching and lace. Cotton yarn is reserved for summer clothes, household linen, and decorations. Blended with merino or alpaca yarn, it can be used for warm garments in winter. Our Luxor yarn is made from a cotton thread into which the alpaca yarn is “blown”. Cotton strengthens the structure of this knitting yarn.

What is cotton?

Cotton has been known and used since ancient times. The hairs that surround the seeds are extracted to make the knitting yarn. Depending on the species, these fibres can be 1 to 7 cm long. The longer fibres are highly sought after in the spinning industry, while the shorter ones are used as stuffing. Upon reaching maturity, the boll that contains the seeds open, revealing a beautiful fibrous white fluff. The harvest consists in extracting these fibres and rid them of the seeds and other plant debris. The cotton is then compressed, shaped into a ball, and shipped to processing plants. There, the fibres undergo various processes to restore their fluffiness and rid them of dust. They take the form of a continuous sheet that resembles a ribbon by paralleling the fibres. As the strip becomes even and thin, it is stretched into a strand and then spun. These are the necessary steps to turn cotton into knitting yarns.

How to knit cotton?

Cotton is a smooth yarn that can be knitted or crocheted. It takes the form of a medium thick, thin, or very thin yarn. Knitting beginners will enjoy learning with cotton yarn as it is resistant and makes well-defined stitches. Embossed or open-knit fancy stitches are easily replicated with cotton knitting yarn.

What makes this fibre unique?

Cotton possesses many qualities. Because it is so resistant, it is suited for pieces that are subject to a lot of strain. For instance, it is suitable for fashion accessories, such as belts but also crocheted bags. Cotton is dye-friendly which opens up a large range of color. It can also withstand high temperatures, for both the wash and ironing. Lastly, cotton is a heavy yarn, that absorbs moisture but not heat.

What to knit with cotton?

Summer garments, such as tank tops, cardigans, and sweaters are often knitted with cotton yarn. It’s freshness and softness is quite pleasant on the skin. Open-knit stitches, or even loose stitches, bring lightness to the knit. For instance, our Feola top comes with an all-cotton lace stitch yoke. You can also take advantage of the absorbent proprieties of cotton to knit water-related garments, such as a beach dress or a sailor jumper. Cotton yarn has a sponge-like effect against sweating.

Why choose your balls of cotton yarn at Tricotez-moi?

Not too thick, not too thin, our knitting yarn is suitable for every project. Carefully selected for its resistance and durability, it is available in different grades from mercerised cotton with a beautiful silky sheen, to matt cotton perfect for grocery net bags, as well as superabsorbent cotton that is unmatched for knitted bath linen. Moreover, we chose a cotton base for our Luxor yarn, perfect for the winter and mid-season garment. Our Luxor yarn is made with a sort of cotton sheath into which strands of baby alpaca hair are blown. The cotton gives it a perfect hold and a protection against the cold.




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