Among the different kinds of knitting yarn, merino is one of the finest. This thread is appreciated for its softness and its thermal qualities. It comes from the shearing of sheep from Spain.

Ball of merino yarn

Among the many different types of knitting yarns, merino is one of the finest sheep fleeces. This knitting yarn is valued for its softness and thermal qualities. It is obtained from the shearing of a breed of Spanish sheep. We select the finest fibres for our balls of merino knitting yarn, which gives the desired softness to knitwear.
Knitting supply specialist, Tricotez-moi, offers a large array of merino knitting yarns. Our yarns are suited for the knitting of baby clothes, cardigans, merino sweaters, as well as children’s and adult's fashion accessories.

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Ball of merino yarn The Diam is a pure superfine merino. A 100 % natural knitting yarn of premium quality and exceptional softness for merino. Fifty g balls of yarn for 3.5 mm knitting needles. The perfect yarn for...
Luxury Knitting yarn One hundred percent natural premium yarn, made of alpaca, merino, and cotton. Unmatched quality to knit sweaters and cardigans for winter and the mid-season. Fifty g balls of yarn for 5 mm...
Knitting wool This alpaca, merino, and silk yarn is naturally voluminous and particularly warm. Perfect to knit fashion accessories, such as beanies, snoods, and scarves, this yarn is amongst the best knitting yarns....

Merino knitting yarn

Merino yarn can have different designations based on the quality of its fibres. The finer the fibres, the softer the yarn, with superfine merino being the best of sheep wool. As such, our Diam yarn is made using only the finest fibres (19,5 microns, 1 micron = 1 thousandth of milimeter) with a softness reminiscent of alpaca and mohair. Some of our yarns have received special certifications that increases their quality, such as our mulesing-free Diam yarn or our Woolmark-certified Meridou yarn.
Merino was very recently added to our collection. Originally, our sweaters were knitted using a rougher sheep yarn, such as the Shetland sweaters. These knitting yarns were up to three times thicker, which could cause a rather displeasing sensation in contact with the skin.
The biggest merino farms can be found in Australia, New Zaland, and South Africa. In France, a particularly fine merino yarn is produced in the city of Arles. Depending on the age of the animal, its environment, and the farming conditions, a sheep can yield up to 9 kg of wool per year.

Merino sweaters

You can’t go wrong with knitting a merino yarn sweater. Thanks to its well-defined stitches, this warm and soft yarn make for irreproachable knitted garments for the whole family: women’s, men’s, or children’s jumpers, and layette. Merino yarn is perfect to knit fantasy stitches, such as cross stitches, cables, Irish knitted motifs, or Jacquard. Enjoy the many colours available and knit one of our merino jumper designs.




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