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Scarves and snoods knitting sits

Ready yourself for winter with the scarf and snood knitting kits by Tricotez-moi. The scarf is the essential accessory to keep warm all winter long. Perfectly suited for beginners as well as seasoned knitters, our scarf designs will delight you with our careful selection of high-quality yarn. Learning how to knit a scarf or a snood was never made this easy! Protect yourself from the cold using alpaca, mohair, or merino wool and even cashmere wool. Knitting expert Tricotez-moi offers a multitude of varied scarf knitting kits and scarf designs that cater for all tastes.

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Stole in knitting kit Large mohair and silk stole to knit in fancy stitch. The kit contains balls of Top Hair (kid mohair and silk mix), optional knitting needles, a small heart to sew and the knitting pattern with...
Snood in knitting kit The Carnegia Snood is available in 3 sizes: adult, child and baby. Warm and soft, it is knitted in Luxor, a 100% natural alpaca and cotton wool, with a beautiful jacquard pattern. The kit...
Stole in knitting kit Large stole to knit in fancy stitch from mohair wool and silk. The kit contains balls of wool, optional knitting needles and the knitting pattern with step-by-step instructions.An elegant and...
Scarf to knit The Ariste Scarf is made of Top Hair, a thick yarn composed of kid mohair and silk, the top of the range mohair for its fineness and softness. Knitted in double to reinforce its thickness, it has an...
Snood in a knitting kit Snood made of 100% natural mohair with fine sparkling stripes. The kit contains the balls, optional knitting needles and the knitting pattern.A warm and soft snood for winter.
Snood in knitting kit An original and easy-to-knit pattern made of mohair and silk with a shiny design. The kit contains balls of wool, optional knitting needles, a small heart to sew and the knitting pattern with...
Everything you need to make a successful Trendy shawl: 5 balls of Top Hair at a reduced price + 1 free tutorial. Take advantage of the special offer to knit your first Trendy shawl, an easy to make and ultra-soft...
Snood to knit The Evolene Snood is a big, chunky collar that we appreciate when it's cold. It is knitted in Céleste, a 100% natural wool made of baby alpaca and silk, with a light and soft stitch. This pattern...
Easy-to-knit snood The Avers Snood has all the qualities: it's a big, warm, soft and fluffy collar, very practical to use, pleasant to wear, which perfectly complements an outfit and is available to all knitting...
Scarf to knit The Eben Scarf is a pattern specially designed for knitting beginners. It is made of Celeste, a 100% natural high-quality yarn, composed of baby alpaca and silk, the top of the softness and lightness....
Snood in kit to knit A fancy stitch pattern with a 100% natural wool ultra soft and warm to be at the top all winter long. The kit contains balls of wool, knitting needles and a step-by-step knitting pattern.A...
Snood knitting kit The Annaberg Snood is a pretty collar knitted in 100% natural big wool, ultra-soft and warm. The fancy stitch forms small waves that highlights the puffy aspect of the snood. Ideal for warmth and...

Knitting a scarf

With a large selection of knitted scarves and snoods suited for beginners as well as seasoned knitters, you will be sure to find the knitting kit that suits your level best. Moreover, our yarn was selected with great care to ensure you are properly shielded from the cold all winter long. All our scarves and snoods are made with alpaca yarn, mohair yarn and silk with your comfort in mind during the cold winter days. Say yes to hand-made designs with Triotez-moi!

Discover our beanie knitting kits to complete your look.

Scarf or snood? Which to choose?

High quality knitting kit brand, Tricotez-moi presents its selection of ready-to-knit scarf designs and DIY snood designs. But perhaps you don’t know which design to pick? No worries! On a technical standpoint, neither design is harder to knit than the other. Your choice will be based on usage and the pros of each product. For snoods, we offer unique snood knitting kits that will help you keep warm, such as the Sotchi snood. Perfect for winter, just put it on and you are ready to face the cold. Keep your neck, and most of all, your head warm, with our [hooded snood knitting kit], no beanie required. And for crochet lovers, discover our extra soft vintage mohair snood. For scarves, no further introduction needed. Essential wardrobe item, discover our trendy ready-to-knit scarf designs. Our striped scarf knitting kit with stocking stitches is ideal for beginners. The Bergen scarf—a bit more advanced but just as warm—is perfect for those who have some knitting experience. Discover the rest of our knitting kit collection on Tricotez-moi.com.

Learn how to knit a scarf

Scarves are the easiest fashion accessories to knit, and beginners can most certainly attempt such a project. All you must know to knit a scarf is how to cast on and make knit and purl stitches.
However, the length of a scarf can often turn some people off. With its smaller size, the snood can be a good alternative. Choose a beginner knitting kit if you wish to learn how to knit.




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