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Here at Tricotez-moi, knowing that customers had fun knitting and are satisfied with the result makes us truly content.

Our team

We are passionate about knitwear and beautiful materials, and we want to renew the way people look at handmade products while promoting creativity in knitting projects.
High-quality materials, stylish designs, learning supports, or an eco-responsible approach are a few of our commitments that help us achieve our goal.

Our knitting kits are comprehensive packages designed to help you knit the piece of your choice. Add your own personal touch and turn your projects into unique knits. Our designs are fully customisable and we let you pick the size that fits your body measurements best. Pick various accessories from our large assortment (buttons, ribbons, brooches…) to further customise your piece to your own taste. Our editing expertise lets us put together companion booklets that give proper instructions on how to knit a piece step by step. We track down mistakes, clear up grey areas, and anticipate potential questions and issues with a very educational approach. You can find more information about knitting techniques and trends on our blog that we regularly update. This way, we hope to make knitting available to as many people as possible.

Offering premium 100 % natural knitting yarns was a real challenge, but we tackled it head-on!

Our knitting yarns

We are very careful when it comes to yarn quality. It takes time to knit a garment, so why not make it with the best yarns?
We select the finest and longest natural fibres to achieve the best results possible: highly resistant and durable knits with a yarn that doesn’t itch, pill, or stretch over time. To achieve this, we collaborate with cutting edge European spinning mills with unmatched expertise.
We are committed to the certification of our yarns which ensures that they are made in compliance with various standard: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), and Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS).
Our yarns are 100 % natural and contain no synthetic or artificial fibres. We do not use yarns made from recycled plastic as they are just as bad for the environment as the plastic they were made with and create non-degradable wastes.

Our knitting kits

Our knitting kits are geared towards those with a love of beautiful materials who knit for the pleasure of crafting a project, to relax, and stimulate their creativity, but not only. Nowadays, knitting is part of an approach towards a more accessible, waste-free, eco-friendly, and durable fashion.
In the kits’ descriptions, we specify the required technical skills. Some pieces were specially designed for beginners and those who wish to progress in their craft. We pay particular attention to the achievability of our designs along with the final result. Knitting our pieces should be as much fun as wearing or gifting them, not just because they require time to make but because they look wonderful! Additionally, we believe that handmade products should not be excused for their defects and imperfections and should be of an irreproachable quality similar to industrially made knitwear.

Our style

Our collections feature timeless pieces, the kind that we love and that will never fall out of fashion alongside trendier pieces to indulge in the latest obsession. We offer a trendy cool urban style that is elegant, relaxed yet still dressy, classy, distinguished, and original… Our stylists are aware of the latest fashion trends, colours, materials, shapes, but also of clothing habits. Customers invest a lot of time and money in a piece, and as such, we cannot allow the piece they make to be part of a fast and fleeting fashion. If it is made to last, you might as well knit with beautiful materials and be satisfied with the result!




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