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Knitting threads and yarns

Are you looking for high-quality yarn? Tricotez-moi, stitches and beautiful material specialist, has a wide array of yarns made up of high-quality fibers at your disposal for your projects: kid mohair, baby alpaca, superfine merino, silk, cotton, and linen. These yarns were chosen for their thermal quality, their suitability for knitting, their durability against wear and tear, and their resistance against pilling. All our threads and yarns are manufactured in the best spinning mills of Europe granting access to an eco-conscious clothing alternative.

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  • Alpaca knitting yarn

    Alpaca yarn: a staple of softness for your knitwear

    Alpaca knitting yarn is warm and very soft is obtained from the shearing of the two breeds of alpaca, Huacaya and Suri. These animals live in the Andes, in Peru, but there are a few alpaca farms in France also. Their hairs are particularly fine (similar to cashmere) and insulating. Alpaca yarn is pleasant to knit, light, and voluminous. Our balls of yarn are available in different levels of fuzziness and thickness: 25 g or 50 g. We only use the finest alpaca fibres to ensure the upmost softness to your garments. Alpaca yarn is 100 % natural, more durable, and much warmer and softer to the touch than regular sheep wool.

  • Mohair yarn

    Mohair yarn is natural, voluminous, and warm. It is made using the fleece of the Angora goat, hailing from Ankara, Turkey. We use silk as a core around which the mohair is spun, enhancing its natural lustre. Our mohair yarn is made using kid mohair: the very first fleece from the goat, that is longer and finer, bringing unmatched softness and lightness to any garment. Thanks to this silk core, our mohair yarn is thick and doesn’t need to be double knit. At Tricotez-moi, we offer balls of mohair yarn to knit high-end natural garments.

  • Merino yarn

    Among the different kinds of knitting yarn, merino is one of the finest. This thread is appreciated for its softness and its thermal qualities. It comes from the shearing of sheep from Spain.

    Ball of merino yarn

    Among the many different types of knitting yarns, merino is one of the finest sheep fleeces. This knitting yarn is valued for its softness and thermal qualities. It is obtained from the shearing of a breed of Spanish sheep. We select the finest fibres for our balls of merino knitting yarn, which gives the desired softness to knitwear.
    Knitting supply specialist, Tricotez-moi, offers a large array of merino knitting yarns. Our yarns are suited for the knitting of baby clothes, cardigans, merino sweaters, as well as children’s and adult's fashion accessories.

  • Cachemere knitting yarn

    Cashmere wool is among the most luxurious knitting yarns and is highly valued for its exceptional softness. These fibers come from the fleece of a goat native to the Kashmir region in central Asia. In order to withstand the dry and cold climates, which can reach -40 C in the Gobi Desert, wool goats had to adapt. In winter, their fleece covers with an extra layer of protection; an undercoat reminiscent of down-like fineness. In spring, when the weather becomes gentler, and in preparation to the harsh summer climate, they naturally shed their winter coat. The precious fibres are collected and rid of their impurities through combing. A goat can produce somewhere between 100 to 150 g of fibres a year.

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  • Cotton-knitting-yarn

    In its natural state, cotton is a silky fluff that covers the seeds of the cotton plant. It can be different colours based on the species. This natural plant fibre produces a large range of knitting yarns that are resistant, colourful, sometimes lustrous, and easy to care for. We offer different cotton yarns for knitting and crochet projects, such as GOTS-certified organic cotton, mercerised cotton with a silky sheen, cotton ribbons, and fancy cotton. All our cotton yarns possess excellent knitting proprieties thanks to the spinning and lend themselves well to knit summer garments, baby layette, fashion accessories, and linens. For more ideas, have a look at our other knitting yarns.
    Knitting and sewing expert, Tricotez-moi, offers a collection of 100 % natural balls of cotton and wool knitting yarn.

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Mohair knitting yarn Made up of kid mohair and silk, the Top Hair is a 100 % natural knitting yarn that is voluminous, extra soft, and silky smooth. The top of the mohair range. It is so thick, it doesn’t need to be...
Luxury Knitting yarn One hundred percent natural premium yarn, made of alpaca, merino, and cotton. Unmatched quality to knit sweaters and cardigans for winter and the mid-season. Fifty g balls of yarn for 5 mm...
Alpaca and silk knitting yarn The Royal Puno is amongst the softest yarns. This luxury yarn is made up of 60 % of superfine alpaca, and 40 % silk. Twenty-five g balls of yarn for 4 mm knitting needles.
Pure undyed alpaca knitting yarn Ball of 100 % natural fine alpaca yarn in its original colour, with rich and warm shades. This premium quality yarn isn’t dyed. Fifty g balls of yarn for 4.5 mm knitting needles.
Alpaca knitting yarn The Celeste yarn is at the top of the alpaca range: a fuzzy knitting yarn that is warm, full, and extra soft. Perfect for warm jumpers, and fashion accessories during winter or the mid-season....
Ball of merino yarn The Diam is a pure superfine merino. A 100 % natural knitting yarn of premium quality and exceptional softness for merino. Fifty g balls of yarn for 3.5 mm knitting needles. The perfect yarn for...
Knitting wool This alpaca, merino, and silk yarn is naturally voluminous and particularly warm. Perfect to knit fashion accessories, such as beanies, snoods, and scarves, this yarn is amongst the best knitting yarns....

Why purchase a high-quality yarn?

DIY is more than a trend; it became the essence of eco-conscious activities and has many benefits. It is a source of relaxation and a tool for self-fulfillment that helps develop creativity and participate to a form of circular economy. To enhance your creations, we recommend buying high-quality yarn for a perfect result. Tricotez-moi also offers many [knitting patterns] for all sizes between S and XL, as well as kids’ sizes. But you may wonder why invest so much time knitting a garment when you can simply buy it? With high quality yarns, you will obtain unique knitted pieces, with high added value, unavailable in stores, and that you can wear many times over.

Why turn to Tricotez-moi when buying high-quality organic Yarn?

Tricotez-moi only chooses the best yarns: all our yarns are super soft, don’t pill, are just as pleasant to knit as they are to wear with their irresistible thickness and smoothness. You are guaranteed to get the highest quality for the best price when purchasing yarn on our website.
Alpaca yarn, mohair, silk, cotton, but also merino wool, cashmere and more. Knitting-lovers can find a large selection of yarns in our online store to create beautiful garment for every season.

What is quality yarn?

Multiple aspects come into play when assessing the quality of a yarn. While finer materials like alpaca or mohair are in high demand among knitting enthusiasts, they can sometime disappoint when the fibers used are not of the highest quality. There are, indeed, different quality levels of alpaca or mohair yarn with different designation depending on the weight and length of the wool used. Superfine or extrafine alpaca wool or baby alpaca wool are designations given to the finest, therefore the softest and longest fibers. By buying superfine alpaca, you will be sure to obtain a softer knitted garment compared to fine or plain alpaca wool. Careful knitters know how to spot the difference and are receptive to the indications on yarn labels.
Same story for [mohair yarn]. Kid mohair, with the longest and finest hair, corresponds to the highest quality wool for mohair that grants softness for your piece. On the other hand, mohair yarns sold with no extra indication doesn’t display the same fineness level. In that case, rougher hairs can be responsible for an unpleasant itchy feeling.
The other thing to take into consideration is the spinning of the wool. Quality organic wool is spun tightly as to create a yarn that holds itself together well. Loosely spun yarn strands, such as chunky yarn tend to thin out easily, stretching the garment out the more it is worn. Looser strands of yarn also have the drawback of not keeping the fibers together well, causing unpleasant pilling with friction.

What to knit with our yarn?

There are no shortages of project options when starting knitting. Why not knit a headband if you are a beginner or knit a beanie if you are familiar with more advanced techniques. Our yarns always yield perfect results and great durability. You can also take on a more ambitious project such as knitting a sweater or a cardigan. With Tricotez-moi, you are sure to get a soft and light garment, two essential qualities for comfort.
Create your own design if you are the creative type or simply choose one among our many knitting kits. All our designs are made with our own yarn.




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