Mohair yarn is natural, voluminous, and warm. It is made using the fleece of the Angora goat, hailing from Ankara, Turkey. We use silk as a core around which the mohair is spun, enhancing its natural lustre. Our mohair yarn is made using kid mohair: the very first fleece from the goat, that is longer and finer, bringing unmatched softness and lightness to any garment. Thanks to this silk core, our mohair yarn is thick and doesn’t need to be double knit. At Tricotez-moi, we offer balls of mohair yarn to knit high-end natural garments.

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Mohair knitting yarn Made up of kid mohair and silk, the Top Hair is a 100 % natural knitting yarn that is voluminous, extra soft, and silky smooth. The top of the mohair range. It is so thick, it doesn’t need to be...
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Une douceur incroyable

Mohair yarn

Mohair is one of the most popular yarns for knitted sweaters or cardigans. Known for its natural softness and lightness, mohair yarn is also appreciated for its thermal quality. Indeed, this mohair yarn possesses a multitude of hairs that form a small air mattress yielding a soft warmth similar to down feathers. During the spinning, mohair is rid of its impurities in the combing process. Combing also helps with straightening the fibres, making them easier to spin.

Kid mohair yarn

There are many levels of yarn thickness, the finest and most precious being kid mohair yarn, which is highly valued by knitting enthusiasts. This yarn is the highest quality of mohair and is obtained from the shearing of kid goats. The general rule of thumb is that the thickness of mohair is proportional to the goat’s age. The younger the animal, the finer the fibres, and vice versa. The diameter of mohair fibres can vary between 23 and 34 microns. Compared to cashmere, mohair ball is much thicker but has other qualities such as long fibres, excellent durability, as well as small and thin scales, which all grant this yarn its softness.




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