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What is a standard size?

Our knitting kits are available in standard or custom sizes. This allows you to receive the knitting pattern in the size you want. This guide gives you all the information you need to choose between a standard size and a custom size. It also shows you the measurements that correspond to each standard size.

What is a standard size?

40, 42, M, XL... what do these numbers and letters mean? Can we rely on them to order a kit? What precautions should be taken? Everything you need to know about standard sizes. Most clothes are sold in standard sizes. There are two ways of indicating these sizes. The first uses numbers: 36, 38, 40, 42, 44..., the second uses the letters S, M, L, XL... The letters generally group together two numbers: S for sizes 36 and 38, M for 40 and 42. However, this rule is not universal. Each manufacturer determines its own standard sizes, which explains the variations between different brands. If a garment does not fit in the size you are used to, you have not necessarily put on weight or lost weight. This is because the manufacturer has drawn up a different table of measurements. A standard size is an average of measurements. These measurements are usually based on stature, chest size, waist size and hip or pelvis size. If you choose a standard size on our website, please refer to the measurement chart and check which size fits you best.

UE SIZE34/3638/4042/4446/48
Chest measurement82/8690/9498/106112/118
Waist measurement62/6670/7478/8490/96
Full hip measurement86/9094/98102/108114/120
Arm lenght59/59,560/60,561/61,562/62,5
Arm circunference23,6/24,826/27,228,4/3031,6/33,2

If your measurements are different from those shown in this table, choose a made-to-measure size. It guarantees you explanations adapted to your measurements.

To choose the right knitting kit, check your measurements.

How to check your measurements?

To knit successfully, start by choosing the right size by taking your measurements. Avoid relying on the size you take when you buy a garment. Take your measurements carefully and compare them with our standard sizes. If necessary, use the measuring guide. If you have any doubts, please contact us.




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