Knitting is enjoying in making the knitting model you like, the one you have chosen according to different criteria: the shape of the knitting, the level of difficulty, the stitch, the time needed to knit it, the quality of the wool, the size of the needles... A knitting model must therefore bring together all the useful information to succeed in a project and to give you the satisfaction of being able to wear it or offer it. It is because Tricotez-moi gives a special attention to the conception of the knitting patterns. You have the possibility to choose among more than 200 knitting models: paper pattern, pattern to download or free pattern.

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Knitting pattern The Nagano jumper is an easy-to-knit pattern in Celeste, a 100% natural yarn made of baby Alpaca and silk. The paper knitting pattern contains all the explanations for sizes S, M, L and XL.
Knitting pattern This real sailor jumper is an ideal pattern for knitting beginners who want to progress. The jumper is knitted in Meridou, a 100% natural merino yarn. The knitting pattern is made for sizes S, M, L...
Women's knitted jumper pattern The Telline Sailor is a timeless pattern with a wide neckline and a set of stripes that highlights the upper bust. The knitting pattern, offered here in paper version, is made for sizes...
Knitting pattern The Natice Sweater belongs to the Esprit Marine collection. It is knitted in Meridou, a superfine merino wool and has stripes in Eden, a cotton yarn. The knitting pattern contains all the explanations...
The pattern includes instructions for sizes S, M, L and XL.The measurements of the model presented are for size M.
A cardigan knitting kit while mohair, a light yarn, soft and warm. The small gold stripes make it a very well dressed garment. The kit contains everything needed to make this knitted cardigan with all explanations...
Knitting pattern The Solden jumper is a graphic pattern knitted in Top Hair, a wool made of mohair and silk. The knitting pattern is made for sizes S to XL and provides all the explanations.
Knitting pattern The Courbine sailor is a flagship model of the Esprit marine collection. It is knitted in Top Hair, a soft and light mohair and silk yarn. Find all the step by step explanations in our knitting...
Women's jumper knitting pattern The Elm jumper is knitted in Celeste, a yarn made of baby alpaca and silk. It has a straight cut with set-in sleeves and a rounded neckline. Stripes adorn the bottom of the jumper and...
Quick and easy knit The pattern includes instructions for sizes S, M, L and XL.The measurements of the model presented are for size M.
Knitting pattern The Horten jumper is an easy-to-knit pattern with an openwork design on the front of the jumper. The pattern provides all the explanations for sizes S, M, L and XL with dimensional drawings.

What is a knitting pattern?

The knitting pattern, also called "knitting model", is the detailed instructions of all the operations to be done to make a project. Whether you are knitting a jumper, a hat, a scarf, or a baby cardigan, you need the explanations to know how to do it. Tricotez-moi patterns are in the form of small hardcover booklets. You can tidy them in your library and preserve them for a long time. Their format is adapted, not too big, not too small, to take with you the knitting model of your work in progress.

Description of the knitting model

In addition to the cover illustration, the knitting pattern is always introduced by a brief description of the knitting model: the type of clothes, its general cut, with which outfit to associate it... and the necessary supplies, such as the quality of the knitting wool, the number of wool balls and knitting notions. All these guidelines are given according to 4 different sizes (S, M, L and XL) for a woman's knitting model, 5 sizes for a baby's knitting model (3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months) and 4 sizes for a child's knitting model (4, 6, 8, 10 years). In addition to this previous description, there is a description of the knitting stitch(s) used and especially the corresponding gauge.

The explanations of the knitting pattern

At Tricotez-moi, all the explanations of a knitting model are detailed on several pages to have an easy reading of the different steps. It is even advised to highlight the size in which you want to knit the model to identify the operations that concern it immediately. Regularly, after increases or decreases, the number of stitches remaining on the needle is indicated. This control avoids many mistakes! Drawings are always integrated opposite each piece to be knitted with dimensions. For example, knitting the back of a jumper, different dimensions are indicated on the drawing, such as width, height, armhole, neckline, shoulder ... for each size. These figures allow checking that the knitted piece corresponds to the indicated dimensions.

The knit maintenance

The knitting pattern is not limited to explanations of the conception steps, it also contains advice to keep your knitting for a long time: how to wash it, how to iron it, how to tidy it ...

Paper knitting model or model to download?

You like a knitting model? You just have to choose on which format you want to read and keep it. Tricotez-moi offers you to receive it in paper pattern or knitting model to download. One or the other solution is a matter of taste and organization. If you choose to download it, avoid printing the knitting pattern, otherwise prefer to buy the paper knitting pattern.




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