Tricotez-moi, the specialist of handmade knitting, offers many knitting patterns (free or paid), which include all the explanations to make a successful model. Our knitting patterns are available in all sizes from S to XL. Moreover, they contain dimensioned drawings to make easier the sizes control. Are gathered in this page, all the cardigan paper patterns. You like a model; you want to knit it. Buy the knitting pattern and let’s go!

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Why choose a paper knitting pattern?

Convenient and easy to read, the paper knitting pattern fits easily into the knitting bag. Thanks to its paperback and its A5 format, it takes up little space and adapts to all transport situations. In this way, you have your knitting pattern next to you, and you can read it when you want. Moreover, you can use the notes’ page to write the progress of your knitting. For example, do not hesitate to record the step you have completed in the pattern or the decreases as you complete them. When you start again your knitting, you can read your notes to know in which step you are in the pattern. The paper knitting pattern allows writing directly in it. For example, it advises highlighting the size of the cardigan that you wish to knit to help you find your way through the explanations.

Which woman cardigan pattern choose?

Choose a cardigan to knit may appear difficult, especially when there are lots of models which are proposed in paper knitting pattern. However, there are some guidelines that may be helpful to know your level of difficulty. There are 4 levels of difficulty: beginner, easy, intermediate, and advanced. As a general rule, a cardigan paper pattern is between the easy and advanced levels. For beginners in knitting, you need to have knitted before to start such a piece, which has some technical specificities. An easy cardigan pattern requires the ability to make increases and decreases. At the intermediate level, it is also necessary to know how-to pick-up stitches (for the neckline and the fronts) and make buttonholes. At the advanced level, the complexity of the stitch and its management during increases and decreases are part of the greatest difficulties.

Woman cardigan knitting pattern: why choose Tricotez-moi?

Tricotez-moi gives a special attention to the conception of the paper knitting patterns, so knitting a cardigan is a real pleasure. The layout is pleasant, the text in a well readable font, the use of abbreviations is reduced to a minimum and many tips are provided progressively. The cardigan knitting pattern also contains drawings for the back, but also the front and the sleeves, with dimensions for each size. Henceforth, an operation requires a particular technique, it is immediately explained. All the cardigan patterns contain guidelines on the supplies, the quality of the wool to use and especially how to maintain it to keep the knitted cardigan for a long time. If you have a question about a pattern, a doubt about a technique, or a hesitation about understanding the pattern, do not hesitate to contact the after-sales service by email or by phone.




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