Blennie ready-to-knit sweater

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Tableau des tailles standard Femme
Chest size82/8690/9498/106112/118
Waist size62/6670/7478/8490/96
Arm length59/59,560/60,561/61,562/62,5
Turn of the arms at the widest23,6/24,826/27,228,4/3031,6/33,2

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Sailor sweater knitting kit

The Blennie is ready-to-knit women’s sailor jumper with fantasy stitches. A unique design knitted with mohair and silk yarn. The kit comes with Top Hair balls of yarn, knitting needles (optional), a decorative heart-shaped charm, and the knitting pattern for sizes S to XL.

Choose quality 100% natural yarn for your ready-to-knit sweater.

The piece on display is knitted with white and navy blue yarns and is a size M. The jumper is 61 cm tall for this size.

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Ready-to-knit women’s sweater

The Blennie is a unique sailor jumper entirely knitted with fantasy stitches. They add a ripple effect to the stripes that are reminiscent of ocean waves. The jumper is knitted with Top Hair, a mohair and silk yarn which brings softness, lightness, and fluffiness to the garment. This thick mohair is a blown yarn that is durable, warm, and voluminous. The cut of the jumper is straight with set-in sleeves and a round neck rolled on itself. The stripes on the sleeves line up with the ones on the back and the front. You can wear the Blennie with jeans or cotton pants for a casual getup. You may also coordinate it with a more formal outfit.

How to knit this sweater?

The Blennie is knitted with 5 mm needles. You must be familiar with these techniques to knit it:

  • Knit and purl stitches
  • Pass slipped stitches over
  • Increase and decrease stitches
  • Pick up stitches
  • Cast off and assemble

You can start this project if you master these techniques. However, this pattern isn’t suited for beginners due to the complexity of the fantasy stitches, especially the increases, decreases, and colour changes.


Several colour combinations are available with the white or natural base. Chose the combination you like best then pick the size you wish to knit. Refer to the size guide if necessary.

The knitting kit

Everything you need to knit the Blennie comes with the kit: the Top Hair balls of yarn in the desired colours, 5 mm knitting needles (optional), a 24 karats finely gilded decorative heart charm, and a knitting pattern with step-by-step instructions and annotated figures for sizes S, M, L, and XL.
You will also need some extra tools to knit this piece: a pair of scissors, a tape measure, two stitch holders (optional), and a yarn needle. Purchase your knitting supplies on our online Haberdashery.

How to care for your sweater?

The Top Hair yarn is a high quality 100% natural yarn. Take good care of your sweater to preserve it for a long time. Spread out washes and use gentle washing products in small quantities. Air your jumper for a few hours to rid it of smells. Handwash your jumper or put it in the washer if it has a handwash cycle. Water temperature must remain constant and under 30°C. Do not rub but instead apply gentle repeated pressure to help the washing product seep into the fibers. Remove excess water without wringing or under 900rpm in the washer. Leave it to dry on a flat surface in an unconfined space. Mohair yarn shouldn’t be ironed as the fibers naturally straighten when worn. Store your knitwear on a flat surface in an unconfined space and change it location regularly to prevent creasing.

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Mohair and Silk
Fancy Stitches
Difficulty Level
Needles size
7 à 9
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Sailor sweater knitting kit The Blennie is ready-to-knit women’s sailor jumper with fantasy stitches. A unique design knitted with mohair and silk yarn. The kit comes with Top Hair balls of yarn, knitting needles...




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