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Which clothes are easy to knit?

What a pleasure to be able to knit your own clothes! But which pattern to choose to be sure of success when you are a beginner in knitting. Here are some tips on how to select the best patterns.

Knitting clothes : Basic techniques 

You don't need to be a knitting expert to make your own knitted garments. A few basic notions are enough to get you started. Knowing how to set up stitches and knit in moss stitch or stockinette is an excellent starting point, as these techniques already offer many knitting possibilities.
At Tricotez-moi, all the patterns presented have a precise description of the technical skills needed to knit them. It is often indicated whether a knitting beginner who already has some basic knowledge can tackle a more elaborate pattern. The technical difficulties often lie in the stitch, the cut of the garment to be knitted or the combination of a fancy stitch and a tight-fitting style, requiring the ability to make decreases and increases while managing the shift of the stitches.
Learn how to knit the simplest stitches, such as stockinette, to start knitting.

Knitting a scarf: a special beginner's knitting 

If there is one pattern that is recommended to all knitting beginners, it is the scarf. The pattern is very simple: a regular strip of varying length. To be effective and not to be discouraged, knit a reasonable size scarf with a medium size yarn. This is an excellent opportunity to practice stitch formation and to gain speed and regularity, since the stitch is repeated throughout the work.
Start with a very simple pattern, using a stitch you already know. Choose a wool that is easy to knit and, if you are afraid of making mistakes, opt for a hairy yarn such as mohair or alpaca. Indeed, contrary to "dry" yarns that perfectly draw the stitch, such as cotton or merino, knitted hairy yarns have an irregular aspect that makes you forget the stitch and all the imperfections due in particular to the variations in yarn tension.

Knitting a beanie: the best way to progress in knitting

Knitting your first beanie

If your first knitted garment is a scarf, you may want to take it a step further and then try a more complex pattern. As an accessory within the reach of a false knitting beginner, the beanie offers technical difficulties that can be overcome. First of all, it is a quick garment to knit compared to a scarf: you only have to knit a few stitches over a few centimetres. As the hat is worn on the head, you have to tighten your knitting at a certain height to form a rounding. Knitting a beanie will teach you how to decrease the stitches, a basic technique that, once learned, will open the doors to many knitting garment designs, such as jumpers and cardigans.
The advice given for the scarf is also valid for the beanie: choose a wool that is as comfortable to knit as it is to wear and of medium size. Yarns that are too thick are less comfortable and difficult to handle with the needles.
The beanie is knitted in one piece with a few decreases on the last rows to form the rounding. A knit within the reach of beginners who wish to progress.

Baby knitting: which clothes? 

When baby arrives, it's time to start knitting. From bras and booties to baby cap, bloomers, bibs and even cuddly toys, there is no shortage of patterns to practice your skills. All these garments are generally easy to knit and above all quick and easy to make: with just a few stitches and a few rows, you can dress your baby from head to toe. A hand-knitted baby garment can also be a very nice birth gift. A lovingly knitted present that is never forgotten.
If you are new to knitting, try making a blanket. As with the scarf, you don't need to know much about knitting. There are patterns to be made in moss stitch, a basic knitting stitch where all the stitches are knitted right side up. It is best to choose a natural wool of medium size with little hair, as hair is not recommended in the first months of life.
Crochet can also be a good solution for knitting baby clothes. You only need to know the two basic stitches, the double crochet and the treble, to make many patterns.

The shepherd's waistcoat is one of the easiest garments to knit for baby. It is knitted here in Snow, an ultra soft 100% natural knitting yarn.




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