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Give a knitting kit for Christmas 

Don't look any further for the perfect gift, it's already here: give the best of yourself, your creation! Tricotez-moi has put together a list of original and easy to make patterns.
As passion is something to be shared, don't hesitate to make your list to Father Christmas or to offer a kit to knitting or crochet lovers.

My list to Father Christmas

Getting a knitting kit or balls of wool is a great idea for Christmas! Now is the time to take advantage of it: elegant, easy-to-knit patterns and 100% natural, ultra-soft and warm wools.
Choose your gift and share your wish list with all those who love you... The good surprise awaits you. 

Easy knitting for beginner: Make your first garments quickly 

For the knitting kit, you can choose between a garment or an accessory. If you are a beginner, choose an easy knitting kit.

The Avers snood is the easiest and most profitable pattern to knit. It is made of alpaca wool (Snow), a very soft, plump, fluffy and warm natural quality.
The Eben scarf is ideal for learning to knit basic stitches. It is soft and sensual and dresses up a little. Easy to make.

Our pullovers and cardigans : knitted with noble yarns, 100% natural 

For those who knit, there is no shortage of models among the jumpers and cardigans.
How about a loose and comfortable jumper with nice finishing touches for a casual style? The Liddes is for you!
If you're looking for a dressier outfit, the Moritz cardigan is a wardrobe staple, both elegant and timeless.

What gift should I knit for Christmas?

Now is the time to show off your prowess and amaze your friends and family by giving them one of your creations: knit a kit and give it to your loved ones.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced knitter, you will find many kits to suit your taste, easy and quick to make. Depending on the time you have available, choose a large piece, such as a jumper or cardigan, or choose an accessory. No doubt the lucky recipient will think of you every time they wear it!
A real mohair and silk sailor's jacket is irresistible and so much fun to wear in dressy or casual fashion. Courbine, an iconic model.
If your friend is rather trendy, knit her the Melk. The loose fit with the buttons on the shoulder will delight her. And she'll be delighted to wear such a light jumper.
For a scarf and hat, don't hesitate to offer the Bergen and Kiruna duo. Knitted in two colours, you have the choice of successful combinations.
And if it is a man who is the lucky recipient of your gift, knit him the Kalmar hat, without forgetting the pompom.
Or the Evolène snood in alpaca and silk in its very masculine anthracite colour.
Knitting bags and nets
Real shopping net in a knitting kit.
Useful accessories are also in the spotlight among Christmas gifts. Giving a shopping net is a way of saying, "Come on, next year we'll give up plastic bags".
And for those who are cold in bed, knit them a hot water bottle cover with pure cotton yarn, which guarantees perfect heat transmission.
Gifts for those who knit

Offer balls of wool : a useful and pleasant gift

For those who love to knit and crochet, give a special gift: 100% natural wool, as soft as a caress, fluffy and light, or a knitting kit with a touch of originality.
For those who swear by mohair, reserve the top of the range mohair: Top Hair. Three or four balls are enough to knit a scarf, ten or so for a jumper.
For the curious who like exceptional wools with a touch of fantasy, opt for Céleste, the top of the range alpaca: light and puffy, it is ultra-soft and fluffy.
Why not offer a pattern? A gift like this is a great invitation to start knitting.
Explore our kits and you will find the perfect gift to suit your taste. Sometimes all you need is an original accessory to create a surprise.




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