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What is a knitting stitch?

All you need is a set of needles and a bit of yarn to make a large number of interlacing stitches and knots that will transform the look of a knitted item. Invented over the centuries by knitters, knitting stitches form more or less elaborate patterns, which can be repeated endlessly and combined with each other.
The simplest and most complex knitting stitches are an inexhaustible source of creativity. Play with materials, combine colours, combine stitches... and you will have an infinite number of possibilities. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of needles and yarn and discover the diversity of fancy knitting stitches.

Which stitches are easy to knit? 

What a pleasure it is to be able to make twists, stripes, raised stitches, ribbing, jacquard and even lace... A single stitch can transform a knitting pattern. It is as important as the colour or material of the yarn used.
Choose a knitting stitch based on the techniques you know. For example, there are a number of easy-to-knit stitches that use basic knitting techniques and look great. You don't need to be very skilled to knit simple stitches. All you need to know is how to knit purl and purl stitches. If you can knit stockinette, you can start knitting other stitches.
For example, the regular alternation of these two stitches allows you to knit more or less tight ribs, the secret of this stitch lying in the alignment of the stitches to form an effect of bumps and hollows.
The combination of purl and obverse stitches also opens the door to the creation of original textures that play on their opposition. You can knit rice stitch, which always looks great, but you can also knit geometric shapes, such as diamonds, squares, pennants, stars, chevrons and all sorts of checkerboards or weaves. These fancy knitting stitches are as easy as they are numerous.

Rice stitch is very easy to make. Simply alternate right side up and down stitches, contrasting them in each row. The borders of the Courbine marinière are made in rice stitch.

Are there any easy crochet stitches? 

Just like needles, crochet offers many design possibilities. You can form solid, openwork, raised stitches or simply knit a decorative border with a hook. It is easy to use, fun and very versatile.
The kits for learning to crochet often cover the easiest crochet stitches. You only need to know a few basic techniques, such as the bridle and the tight stitch, to perform them. Anyone can learn crochet stitches.

How to learn to knit

If you are a beginner, learning knitting stitches is an excellent way to improve your technique and skill. Start with the easiest stitches and you will soon be happy with them, as you will be able to knit them without having to repeat them several times.
Concentrate on the direction of the stitches to form the patterns. If necessary, recount the loops you have on your needle and check the alignment of the stitches. If you follow these tips, you will learn quickly and be able to move on to more complex stitches.
Before you start making a cardigan or jumper in decorative stitch, learn the knitting stitches from a sample. A few stitches are all you need to try out and test the shapes and patterns you like best.
You will find a large number of books on knitting and crochet stitches in shops, with explanations on how to make them. Practise the stitch formation mechanics to reproduce the patterns from memory. As you repeat the patterns, your hand will get used to the sequence of movements and you will gain speed.
Tricotez-moi offers two essential books for learning knitting and crochet stitches. Each stitch is detailed step by step so that you can reproduce the steps of its formation without difficulty. Many tips are also provided to help you memorize the operations and concentrate on knitting.
You can also watch tutorials that explain in detail the movements to be reproduced to knit a stitch with needles or a hook.

Two basic crochet stitches (the bridle and the tight stitch) form the granite stitch used for this tank top.
Two essential books for anyone who wants to learn the easiest knitting or crochet stitches. How to use knitting stitches?

Knowing how to knit fancy stitches with crochet or needles is a good thing, but you also need to know how to use them. Not all stitches are suitable for all knitting yarns and not all stitches are suitable for all patterns.
If you have chosen a well-designed pattern, it is best to choose a perfectly smooth yarn in one colour and avoid yarns with too much hair. Indeed, the hairs will blur the shapes to the point of making them illegible. Similarly, some yarns with an irregular appearance, such as a flamed yarn, can distort a design by adding unexpected elements. Mottled yarns are of little interest for knitted stitches with geometric patterns, as the mixture of colours does not help to create clear outlines.
Openwork stitches and needle lace or crochet lace, on the other hand, work well with hairy yarns. These stitches allow the hair to express itself and take on its full volume. But they are not the only ones. You can also choose smooth, even mottled, but not irregular yarns.

On the Lake jumper, the days of the fancy stitch offer an interesting transparency by bringing out the garment worn underneath the jumper. This knitting stitch is very easy to learn.




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