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Knitting clothes: the benefits of hand knitting

If more and more people like to knit, it is because this activity, has existed for a very long time and has conquered all generations, as it is simple and fun.

The pleasure of knitting

All you need to do is form stitches with two needles or a hook to knit. Knitting is simply making loops with yarn and tying them together to form a fabric. This technique, more recent than weaving, would be born in the Near East. The oldest testimonies date from the 3rd century AD. Knitting samples have been found in Syria and Egypt. Since then, the practice of knitting has developed widely. It would have been imported into France by the Arabs in the Middle Ages

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Plaisir des vêtements tricotés soi-même

Tous les modèles d’un dressing complet : pulls, gilets, bonnets et même des accessoires de mode.

Knitting : comfort guaranteed 

Knitting is a special fabric, whose properties are very different from those of weaving. Indeed, knitwear is a stretchy and flexible material that can easily take a shape and then return to its original size. It is appreciated for the comfort it offers. For example, a knitted sweater is much more flexible than a shirt. Similarly, knitted mittens adapt better to all hand movements than a pair of gloves made of fabric or even leather. This is also the case for baby and child knits. Regardless of the age of the child, knitwear offers great freedom of movement.
Fashion wants soft garments that do not restrict the body's movements and can easily adapt to all lifestyles. Knitwear's natural elasticity ensures this comfort. That's why knitwear is so fashionable and in line with current clothing trends.

Make your own clothes 

For a long time, knitting was the domain of men, who made clothes for the whole family or on demand. Then, women started to knit and gradually replaced men in this activity, including in knitting workshops or, later, the knitting industry.
Today, knitting is still a widespread activity, attracting new adepts every day. In addition to the pleasure of knitting, making your own knitted garments is the assurance of having a unique and quality model, of choosing the wool best suited to your needs. Knit me offers to knit all the models of a complete wardrobe: sweaters, cardigans, hats and even fashion accessories, like bags. These clothes are knitted with high quality wools, 100% natural.

The benefits of hand knitting

Knitting your own garment is continuing a practice that men have had for centuries. All the knitting techniques are now well known and it is easy to learn how to knit and make beautiful, warm, durable and very useful clothes. The knitting patterns proposed by Tricotez-moi are studied to satisfy all tastes and explained step by step in all sizes including custom made.




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