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How to knit a beanie to spend the winter with a warm head?

Are you tired of beanies that all look the same? Same color, same brand, same pattern... To ensure an original style while keeping your head warm, nothing is as satisfying as knitting a beanie yourself. Today, discover some tips on how to knit an easy beanie with Tricotez-moi, a knitting kit provider. As useful as it is accessible to beginners, the beanie is a great way to discover the world of knitting and to realize that there are infinite possibilities when it comes to creation. 

Which wool to knit for your beanie?

Once you have in mind the style of your beanie, think about the knitting wool you will use to make your beanie. Let your imagination run wild, the possibilities are also very numerous. You can go for an alpaca wool, a merino wool, a mohair knitting wool. You can also choose other materials such as cotton or silk.

The right choice of needles 

Knitting a beanie requires the use of the right materials. Therefore, think about your knitting needle preferences. These will also define the patterns and style of your beanie. So anticipate the knitting kit you will use. Have fun and opt for circular needles if you are comfortable with knitting. You can choose straight needles if you are a beginner. Don't forget to use a wool needle, or even a crochet hook, to make the finishing touches.  bonnet.

mesures bonnet

Take your measurements and make the necessary preparations 

Before you start making your hat, you should measure your head size and determine the number of stitches you need. Don't forget to knit a sample (usually a 10 x 10 cm square) to make your calculations. Once you have the number of stitches for 10 cm, you will know the number of stitches you need for your head size. To knit an easy hat, these measurements and preparations are absolutely necessary.

Make your own beanie with Tricotez-moi. 

Knit me offers a wide range of knitting kits. Our catalog has been designed to fit men, women or children. Also, we make sure that our knitting kits are usable whatever the level in knitting. You'll also find free patterns and designs, as well as a collection of books to expand your knitting knowledge. Our blog is also here to help you with all your creations.




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