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Learn to knit: what you need to know to get started

Would you like to learn to knit, make your own clothes or knitted accessories? Nothing could be easier. Knit me tells you how to get started with knitting.

The essential tools to learn to knit as a beginner

Knitting is not an expensive activity, which requires investing a lot of tools. And that's good news, because you can quickly start knitting with a minimum of materials.
Needles are obviously essential. Before you invest in a complete set, from the finest to the largest, just buy medium-sized needles. Number 5 or 6 needles are ideal for beginners, as they have a good grip and are not too big to handle. Wooden or bamboo knitting needles are best. They are light and glide easily. Don't take them too long, so that they don't hinder your first steps in knitting. A length of 30 to 35 cm is sufficient and will give you enough stitches if you want to learn to knit a jumper or a cardigan.
All you need to invest in is a pair of scissors and a tape measure, two essential tools that you may find in your sewing kit.
Once you have learned the basics of knitting, you will be able to buy two very useful tools: a wool needle to assemble your knitted fabric and a stitch stop to put away stitches.
To learn to knit, a set of No. 5 or 6 needles is sufficient.

How to learn to knit?

When you are a beginner, learning to knit your first stitches may seem difficult. It is not. You just need to practice to get the right gesture. And it's like riding a bike, once you learn it, it's for life. Only learning to knit for a beginner is much easier than riding a bicycle!
Knitting is based on the formation of successive stitches: the yarn passes through a stitch to form a new one and so on. The needles are used to hook the yarn and pull it through the loop. There are many tutorials to help you take this first step. Unless you have a knitter in your circle, a good friend who can show you how to do it.
Learning to knit for a beginner can be summed up in two essential steps: forming stitches and knitting stitches from the right side. There are several ways to form stitches. Take the simplest one, the one that seems clearest to you to reproduce. At first, practice repeating the gesture, do not hesitate to start again and accept to make mistakes. This is normal for a beginner in knitting! Don't be discouraged if you don't get perfect stitches the first time. Keep practicing.
Don't forget to take a yarn that you enjoy and that you have a project with. You will get great satisfaction from knitting it and your progress will be faster.

What are the patterns to knit for a beginner? 

The scarf is the ideal pattern for learning to knit. The pattern is very simple and is based on the basics of knitting that every beginner should know: knit stitches and knit stitches from the right side. Your scarf will quickly take shape and you will be surprised by the result. Any beginner can learn to knit and have the satisfaction of making a scarf quickly.
However, don't stop with this pattern. Continue learning to knit, to learn to knit a jumper, or to learn to knit a cardigan.
At this stage you will learn two new techniques that are very useful for all knitting beginners: decreasing and increasing stitches. The very easy-to-knit jumpers are essentially based on these skills, which you can learn without difficulty.
The Nagano jumper was designed for knitting beginners who want to learn how to knit. All the steps to make the jumper follow a progression so that the basics can be learned easily. Each step is accompanied by a tutorial, an indispensable aid for learning to knit. By following all the step-by-step explanations, you will have the satisfaction of having learned to knit in no time. And what a pleasure to have made your first jumper from scratch!
Knitting a cardigan is an extra step for a beginner. New techniques are introduced in this pattern, such as raising stitches and making buttonholes. These skills can also be used to knit other patterns that are within the reach of knitting beginners.

Nagano Sweater: TUTOS

This series of tutorials will guide you step by step to make your first real jumper from A to Z.

Why choose a beginner knitting kit? 

You are satisfied with your first steps in knitting and you want to knit a pattern? Choose a beginner's kit: it guarantees that you can knit the pattern with a minimum of know-how. In the beginner kit you will find everything you need to make your project: balls of wool, knitting needles and the pattern with explanations. Everything you need to make your life easier!
There are some very nice knitting kits for beginners. They are usually simple patterns that allow beginners to learn to knit and to progress in their technique. The explanations are detailed and you just have to follow each step to make the pattern work.
Tricotez-moi offers many kits for beginners, easy and quick patterns to knit with 100% natural wools. For the pleasure of learning to knit and the satisfaction of making beautiful clothes yourself!




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