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The knitting kit: a solution to start knitting

Are you interested in knitting and would you like to learn how to knit easily? There are many solutions to start knitting and succeed in your first stitches without difficulty. Tricotez-Moi offers you to discover the knitting kit, the ideal element to start knitting.
Opt for the knitting kit
To learn to knit, a knitting kit is the essential solution for all knitting beginners. It is designed to satisfy all knitting enthusiasts, whatever their level, from beginners to the most experienced. Indeed, in a kit, you will find everything you need to make the pattern of your choice. It generally contains the yarn in the form of balls of wool, ready to be knitted, the needles or hook, accessories, such as buttons, and above all the knitting pattern which provides all the explanations for knitting the model.
With the knitting kit, there is no need to look for the right yarn or needles to match a pattern. Everything is there to facilitate your learning of knitting.

How to choose your knitting kit?

To start knitting, a large choice of patterns is available. A scarf, a snood... are the easiest patterns to learn to knit easily. They do not present any technical difficulties and allow you to progress quickly in knitting.
To take your first steps, choose a simple pattern with a quality wool. This will give you the pleasure of handling your needles and making a beautiful project. There are some very affordable knitting and crochet stitches for beginners and you will have the satisfaction of succeeding.

What are the knitting kits for beginners? 

Before buying your knitting kit, check the level required to make the pattern. At Tricotez-moi we have 3 levels of technique: for knitting beginners, advanced and experts. Each level has its own set of skills that are essential for the success of the pattern. For beginners we also offer some kits that will help them to progress in their technique.
Our beginners' knitting kits are specially designed for learning to knit. Firstly, the pattern is very simple to make and requires very little technique. Secondly, the pattern provides all the step-by-step explanations and many tips. It accompanies the beginner in knitting and prevents all the mistakes he could make. A beginner's knitting kit is a real guide to learning to knit.

In addition to the beginner's knitting kit 

Our tutorials are the essential extras to our knitting kits to help beginners. They are designed to help you learn how to knit easily, to learn technical elements such as crochet stitch for beginners, to overcome your mistakes and to succeed quickly in completing a large project.
For example, our Nagano jumper is a special beginner knitting kit. It is quick and easy to knit for anyone who wants to learn to knit. The kit contains balls of wool, knitting needles, the pattern of the jumper with all the detailed explanations and tutorials to help beginners to succeed in the pattern from A to Z.
This series of tutorials guides you step by step to make your first real pullover from A to Z.




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