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A guide to taking measurements

The body measurements determine the size that should be knitted in order to achieve a perfect fit. Taking measurements is an important step that should not be neglected. Follow our guide on how to measure and get reliable data.

To start, take a tape measure.

Some precautions

Taking measurements takes little time. It's easier for two people to do it, but you can also do it yourself!
To avoid distorting the result, take your measurements without the thickness of the clothes. It is best to get into your underwear. Hold yourself in a natural way, without holding your breath or pulling in your stomach.
If a measurement seems strange, don't hesitate to check it again.

Head circunference

Take the measurement in the middle of the forehead, passing over the ears.

Bust measurement

Bring the tape measure from the back to the front, in the middle of the breasts. Avoid inflating the chest.


Bring the tape measure from the back to the front, passing under the breasts.

Front shoulder width

This measurement is very important. It determines the distance between the two shoulders. Place the tape measure halfway up each armhole.

Waist measurement

The waist is the narrowest part of the bust, above the hips. Take the measurement without pulling in your stomach or inflating it.

Hip measurement

Place the tape measure so that it goes around the buttocks in the strongest part and bring it back to pubic level.

Upper arm circumference

Wrap the tape measure around your arm, above the biceps, at the widest part. Do not inflate your muscle and leave the arm unfolded.

Arm length

Get help with this measurement! Bend your arm and measure the distance from your shoulder bone to your wrist bone through your elbow.

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